Al- Makura and the PDP impeachment plot

As it is often say, especially in our part of the clime, wherever there is smoke certainly there would be fire. Yes For sure there won’t be smoke without fire. Whenever you heard of any tittle-tattle, if you examined critically beneath it you will indeed, discover there are elements of truth in it. Indeed, one area which I sometime, respect Nigeria media is its ability to go for exclusive stories. And most often, exclusive stories, unlike conventional stories, are highly credible and dependable. Hence sources of such scoop were highly authoritative.

It was in view of this that when I read the lead story of Daily Trust (24/02/ 2014) with banner headline: ‘Al-makura faces impeachment’ with sub-heading; ‘Presidency, PDP woo Nasarawa deputy gov’ I concludes that such story might well be true. While opinions are bound to differ, but given the desperations of PDP on retaining power, it is only boob who will not subscribe or rather agree with this story of impeachment plot against Al-makura.

Of- course, in its desperation to clinch on to power, the PDP has indeed, thrown all conventions and even morality to the wind or else, how could one explain the rational behind the impeachment plot against Al-makura?  However, we are very mindful of the fact that the recent wave of defections from PDP to APC has done an incalculable but devastating blow to PDP hence their desperation at taking revenge through deployment of both conventional and unconventional means targeting at APC controlled states.

Of- course, in partisan politics, wooing membership into one’s political party is natural and healthy, but to go to an extra mile of  allegedly inducing people with mouth watering sums and even plotting impeachment, to say the least is much unfortunate, especially coming from a political party which pride itself as the biggest in the whole Africa. Of much awkward in the whole impeachment plot, was the alleged defection of Deputy Governor, Damishi Barau Luka to PDP ahead of the impeachment, after which he (Luka) will then take over as PDP governor.

The admission by the Special Adviser on political matters to the President Mr. Ahmed Ali Gulak to the effect that the Presidency has never wooed or invited the deputy governor of Nasarawa state to join the PDP and that it is the deputy governor himself that decided on his own to defect to PDP, as some political watchers are saying, have clearly showed to the world that Damishi Luka Barau is not only mischievous but an ingrate.

His action according to them has further exposed him as immature person lacking in both virtues and shame. Even thought, politics in Nigeria as often say, is being play without decorum but our state of abandonment has not yet reached such level were we would lose both minds and senses the way Damishi Barau Luka is now portraying. By deciding to ditch his party and his boss who has done much for him in life which includes picking him as deputy against all odds and ensured that he survived the ailment which downed him prior to their election in 2011, Damishi Luka has really showed, regardless of the provocation, his lack of tact’s.

One other point that must be made clear to Damishi Luka and perhaps, the PDP is that Al-makura’s shoe we make bold to say, is too large for them to wear as the people of Nasarawa state overwhelmingly elected him not by an act of omission; in fact the election of Al-makura in 2011 was popular and envisioned. And up to this moment, Al-makura is still the most popular political leader in Nasarawa state. His political party is also the most popular among the strata of the people of the state. Against this backdrop, the people of the state would for sure resist any attempt to steal through the back door, the mandate which they freely gave to Al-makura in 2011 through impeachment or any other means.

It however, need reiterating that with barely 3 years on the saddle, Al-makura has achieved what the PDP failed to achieved in 12 years in terms of provisions of critical infrastructures.  These are facts that could be verified at any day, any time. Since the berth of this democratic dispensation, Nasarawa state has not gotten it so good and has not even  gotten an opportunity of having a leader who was so passionate about the development of Nasarawa state and its people than under Al-makura.

In fact Al-makura through his policies and programmes has endeared himself in the minds of the people of the state so much so that he is being seen and regard as the best person for the state.  Since he came on board, it is on record, he has made probity, accountability and fear of God the cardinal objectives of his administration, these has even earned him a third place position in the ranking of Transparency International in Nigeria as the most budget disciplined states in Nigeria. Besides this fiat, there were so many other accolades his administration received on accounts of achievements recorded in various sector of the economy of the state.
Indeed, if performance in office is major yardstick in measuring the acceptability of a leader then, Al-makura has no match in the state.

This explains why since the news of his impeachment plot filtered out, there were serious trepidations all over the place both within and outside the state, with some describing the move not only as counter-productive but a renewed assault on constitutional democracy.

Of course, Nigerians who are genuinely interested in our democracy and its survival, must rise- up and condemn this plot, as it is not only capable of overheating the polity but is also dangerous for peace and stability of our young Nasarawa state.Happily, the Nasarawa state House of Assembly had risen up to the occasion by coming out publicly to deny the impeachment agenda against Al-makura. But whether the denial could stand the test of time, it remains to be seen. However given the desperation of the PDP to remain in power, it would be foolhardy for one to underrate or down play what the party can do between now and 2015.

Dan-Akali writes from Awe, Nasarawa state

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