Alan Waka: Role model par excellence

It gives one a great feeling to know that people look up to him whenever they wish to do something, not because he inspires fear, but because of his generosity and good human relations.

 It is easy to find living legends that thousands of followers see as role models in their interactions, dealings and ways of daily lives. The unflinching moral, attitudinal and transactional qualities of Aminu Ladan Abubakar, also known as ‘Alan Waka’, are worthy of emulation. 

Aminu Ladan Abubakar is a Hausa music maestro with unique style in rhymes, proverbs, thought provoking words, among other qualities. His songs are not just entertaining but also educative and consequently making fans fall in love with them. Apart from his unique style of music that tells the bare truth, he always gets commendations from people within his locality and wherever he goes.

Alan Waka respects all people regardless of social status; his arms are always wide open to known and strangers. Many that visit him always feel at home and eager to come back because of the warm hospitality they enjoy.
Several legendary musicians have sponsored and nurtured young talents; but in his unique way, generous Aminu Ala is the first Hausa musician to have given full chance to a physically challenged person who has raw talent of composing and singing songs to sing, thereby making the dream of Malam Yahaya Makaho come true and helped in making his first song titled ‘Haka Allah Yaso’ popular in 2017 and collaborated with him in many other meaningful songs.

Today, Malam Yahaya’s song earned him popularity, his dream came true, his stock is high. Would all these have been possible without the support of Alan Waka? What could have been the fate of Malam Yahaya had he not been supported? What would have been our social structure if the likes of Ala were many? Indeed Malam Aminu Ala is a current affair to whom history shall be fair. Each of us owe the society this sort of generosity.

It is a known fact that whenever Aminu Alan Waka is in town, thousands of fans from different angles, nooks and crannies converge en masse just to see and interact with him. During radio interviews when listeners are given chance to call; countless number of people call for clarifications on idioms, rare proverbs and the ever-green Alan Waka most times respond to more than half of them. The fact that Alan Waka composes songs that inform leaders about the contingent hardships of people is what makes him unique from others and apart from that Alan Waka has no quarrel partner anywhere; he relates cordially and treats all rightly.

The indefatigable Alan Waka is known not only in his home state of but throughout the Hausa speaking regions within and outside Nigeria; he is an extraordinary philanthropist who uses his hard-earned money to help the less privileged. One thing that is obvious is that, most people or friends that accompany Alan Waka to places own assets and are living happy lives; this shows that he is not jealous of paying back kindness with kindness.

Aminu’s open-mindedness led to the formation of Hausa musical squad that comprises the likes of Mudassir Qasim, Musbahu M.Ahmad, Adam M. Kirfi, Maryam A. Baba and Maryam Fantimoti.
Furthermore, the trustworthiness of Alan Waka makes the current Emir of Kano trust and respect him, he moves about everywhere within the palace like all other royal members. 
Throughout his career as Hausa musician, Alan Waka has never been involved in any sort of bribery or corruption, but there was a time when his colleagues thought the wife to former Kano governor gave him some money not to release a song they sang; they were angry and went ahead by releasing the song which led to Alan Waka’s arrest. Anyone that leans to Aminu Ala could testify that he takes their problem as well as those of their families as his no matter the weights.

The recent traditional title of ‘Magatakardan Dan Buram of Gobir’ given to me by the magnanimous Alan Waka is a clear indication that he does not restrict turbaning fellows to only close associates within Kano but down to other states.
 People like Alan Waka possess great leadership qualities; he is behaviourally upright, philanthropically inexhaustible and musically endowed. 

The more societies have people like Alan Waka, the higher the chances of eradicating all challenges; because they would not let such problems open doors for unforeseen mayhems without curbing them.
In conclusion, I must sing a song: Kolin Ala na gaida Ala,Ni Koli na gaida Ala,Duk jama’a ta na jinjina ma Ala, Jama’ar Bauchi na jinjina ma Ala.
Usman Abdullahi Koli[email protected]