ALGON President bags leadership award, preaches security at grassroots

The National President of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) Hon. Alabi Kolade David has received an award of leadership and service delivery from the Association of Local Government Chairmen.

Presenting his keynote address in Abuja at the 4th annual national Conference by the Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria (ALGOVC), the ALGON president said safety and security were essential elements of promoting and sustaining good governance at the grassroots.

Alabi said the local government is where physical protection of lives and property always receive maximum attention.

He stated that local governments and Councils will remain the only vehicle for providing platform and opportunity for effective citizen participation in governance.

He described local government as a breeding ground for quality future leaders through the existence of a secured strong local environment and through authority structures that have power to act within the confines of law.

He also stated that despite the fact that the Local governments were, in generic term, seen as the lowest tier of government, it is the level of governance expected to leave up to its responsibilities both in size, geography, and in letters as well as spirit given its huge responsibility as contained in the 1999 Constitution (as Amended).

He called for stronger unity and togetherness amongst the Vice Chairmen through programmes like the conference where the Vice Chairmen have more opportunity to identify with one another and share ideas on  service delivery and better condition of service to their constituents.

In his opinion, all members should have opportunity to relate and discuss extensively in matters of development, challenges.

He, however, urged them to pray for the Constitution Amendment where issues affecting the system will be addressed to guarantee consistent policies where ideas, tenure, and programmes would  be better defined.

In his words, “I must commend the organisers of this 4th Annual Conference for this event, its timing, and the the theme which dwell on Improving Grassroots leadership as panacea for insecurity Peace and National Development in Nigeria.

“Indeed to me the greatest strength of mankind rests in steady unity and can only be achieved through peace and security which is critical now in the Country.

ALGON’s, NEC, BOT, management and staff sincerely appreciate this meeting and we must thank the state governors for releasing their councils vice chairmen to attend the meeting.

“You are building bridges and friendships instead of walls and we in ALGON is proud of you as always.  So far, our collective unity is a priority, and as leaders, by assembling like this shows your collective commitment for togetherness.”

The 4th annual national conference also featured award night and book launching.

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