All Nigerians must unite against corruption – Osinbajo 

With an all-of-society approach, Nigerians must shun corruption and embrace honesty and unite to build a great country, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, said Tuesday in Abuja.

Speaking at the official launch of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) Integrity and Zero Tolerance Manual for school clubs, Osinbajo said integrity and trustworthiness are vital attributes for success.

He said: “We must develop an anti-corruption army. That army is waiting in our schools, and we must teach them early that corruption is the worst destroyer of destinies and people, and we must fight it as you fight a mortal enemy in war,” he said.

He said the establishment of the integrity clubs in schools across the country by the EFCC was important because it embodies the values of honesty and hard work towards national development.

“Every public officer who steals, robs the Nigerian society of funds for health care, education etc.

“We must become policemen against corruption and wrongdoing; whether it is a member of government or a shop assistant or your friend in class who is cheating, because they destroy our reputation.”

Emphasising the need for integrity in society and for all Nigerians to project the right values, Osinbajo said if the country’s reputation was deemed poor by others, “it will affect all of us.”

He said Nigerians, especially the youth, must discard the false notion that they “can get ahead by cheating or stealing whether in public or private life. There are always consequences for wrongdoing,” he stated.

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