All not well with Nigeria, says Mulumba

The Worthy Supreme Knight of St. Mulumba, said all is not well with Nigeria, dispite 59 years of nationhood.

The WSKM, stated this at a press conference held at the weekend by Sir Diamond Ovueraye, KSM, at the Jos press center.

He said: “At 59 years of nationhood, who can thump his cheast and say all is well, is it well with our educational system, our hospitals, roads, our political system, our youth, or our basic infrastructure?”

He said is the country’s manpower accessing employment, saying, “Is the dire employnent situation improving, what of security of lives and property.”

“Is the poverty level improving, how many Nigerians now have ‘take home pays,” he asked.

According to him, the country is faced with the challenges of freedom of religions, he further sought wither there are attempts at improving the bonds of nationhood or are the seams that hithertor held Nigerians together, knowingly and flagrantly being torn apart.

“Are our political gladiators showing statesmanship or any modicum or leadership, is there any signed that our usually violence-prone elections and do or die politics is abating,” he queried.  

Sir Ovueraye, said it is sad that Nigerians are sinking in their country and persecuted outside.

“The xenophobic attacks in South Africa, aptly illustrates how low we have sunk as a nation, terrorised at home and unwanted outside our shores,” he frowned.

He said to adress the situations, they are advocating for the establishment of regional policing, saying only People from such region could be recruited to serve.

He said they will continue to hold government accountable.

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