Alleged corruption: Arraign Oshiomhole now, Coalition beckons EFCC

A coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) under aegis of the Coalition for Democratic Watchdog of Nigeria has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arraign the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and Mallam Daudu Lawal, the Governorship aspirant from Zamfara state over allegations of corruption.

In a press statement made available to Blueprint in Abuja, signed by Comrade Yunusa Idris, the coalition urged the EFCC to desist from the bias perspective it has chosen to handle the case.

The coalition also demanded that until that is done, the war against corruption will not be fought with the right frame of mind, hence the giver and taker of bribe or proceeds of corruption would not be deem as perpetrators of corruption.

According to Idris, one of the major issues that culminated the APC primary elections across Nigeria was the unprecedented wide spread corruption allegations against its National Chairman, pointing out that bribery allegations against Oshiomhole runs in excess of 50 million US dollars.

The coalition also alleged that this whooping sum was contributed from several states which includes: Imo, Ogun, Zamfara, amongst others which prompted the quizzing by the Department of State Security (DSS) and consequent report by the secret service.

It reminded that one of the cardinal objectives of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration is hinged on its determination to eradicate corruption in Nigeria or at least reduce it to the barest minimum which it said was largely embraced by all and sundry – thus, the erstwhile administration perceived by many Nigerians to be riddled with corruption was pushed out via the 2015  protest vote against wide spread corruption in the country.

Read the statement in parts:

Again, the EFCC under Mr Magu had last week invited Malam Daudu Lawal, a Governorship aspirant of Zamfara state who allegedly has given a bribe of 17m US Dallas to the APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole. Malam Daudu Lawal has been detained in EFCC custody since last week without being charged to court. Adams Oshiomhole who allegedly received the 17m US Dallas as bribe has not been invited by the anti graft agency (the EFCC), let alone being charged to court. Both the giver and the receiver are equally culpable. That is the law. Anything short of this tantamount to an aberration of our laws and a kangaroo arrangement.

Consequent to the above therefore, Nigerians reserve the right to know the reasons for the following actions: Why Adams Oshiomhole has not been invited by the EFCC and charged to court even with multiple corruption allegations dangling round his neck for an administration that was voted based on the anticorruption pedigree even when one Bishop Ochei from Edo state had on October 28, 2016 petitioned the EFCC against Oshiomhole on his activities while the Governor of Edo state.

What has indeed become of the DSS report on the litany of Oshiomhole’s bribery allegations.

Why Mallam Daudu Lawal is still in the EFCC detention without being charged to court.

Why the alleged bribe giver is being incarcerated in the EFCC custody while the alleged receiver is moving freely unperturbed and unmolested  for a party that preaches war against corruption.

Could it be that Oshiomhole is being shielded by the powers that be against the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

For these questions, millions of Nigerians reserve the right to get answers in a nation that belongs to all of us.

The coalition of CSOs maintain that it would keep monitoring events as is unfolds and urge the anti-graft agency to immediately charge both the alleges giver and taker to court for the same offence that emanated form the same tenasaction.

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