Almajirai are also human

The pejorative statement by the Governor of Adamawa state, Ahmadu Fintiri, towards almajiri is lugubrious and condemnable.

Fintiri in an interview told BBC Hausa Service that the All Progressives Congress, APC, is like a routine cake that even the almajiri’s will reject it.

Such statement is derogatory and disparaging to personality of the almajiri. As leaders we should be mindful of what we say, because literally leadership means carrying each and everyone along, irrespective of culture, social status, religion or even political inclination.

Nobody is more Nigerian than all of us (poor masses) not even the president, they are only respected because they are holding high political offices, therefore showing disrespect to any marginalized social group should be discouraged.

The almajirai are also human, they are Nigerians as well, they deserve to eat clean and good food as every Nigerian deserves to, not even the president of the federation can deny them that.

Therefore, such pejorative, dismal, gaffe and derogatory statement even when trying to make a political point is indubitably wrong. The governor should withdraw his statement because it is indubitably inappropriate.

Ahmed Abdul