Almu (Al-Mustapha) Mu’azu: Exit of a colossus 


This is indeed a distressing piece to write. Garnering  the emotional strength to pen mythoughts has been a great struggle since I learnt of the tragic death of Mal Al-Mustapha (Almu) Mua’zu on 13th
November 2018. It will definitely take me a long time to get over it – Inna lillahi Wa inna Ilaihi rajiun! Many people have poured encomiums and attested how kind hearted  and conscientious Malam Almu was.

I know this, perhaps more than anyone. Malam Almu was a man of many crowns, but the most relevant to me is the best uncle and guardian any child can yearn for. I was brought up by him in Malam Goje community here in
Bauchi. He was a very disciplined, responsible,humble and kind-hearted man.

He nurtured, mentored and brought me up very well. While under his care, he always preached to me to be honest, polite, respectful, hard working, God-fearing and to always be contented – the sterling qualities he possessed and exhibited throughout his life time.

His neighbors, family members, acquaintances and associates all speak well of him because he lived peacefully with everyone and offered help to all and sundry to the best of his ability.  Malam Almu never had a child of his own but he wasn’t bitter. What I find most amazing was how he treated neighbors’ children like his.

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Though, he was of humble disposition and wasn’t opulent,  Uncle Almu was graceful and a philanthropist who provided support to youth by awarding them with education scholarships, helping the needy in areas of health care, empowerment and sponsored several community development services. He could not just keep a lot of cash while others in the community suffer.

He had sound knowledge of islamic religion and worldly life and had put them into practice which made his life time
worthwhile. That was why you could not be with him or under his care without enrolling you into school because he valued education much.

I give thanks to Almighty Allah that i received the best training from him while i was a child and would forever remain grateful to Almighty Allah for giving me such a nice person as a guardian. Malam Almu Mu’azu was a successful business man in Bauchi. He died at the age of 83 years as a result of brief illness and left behind two wives and many blood brothers among whom is Yusuf Yayyale, a former staff of Bauchi Radio Corporation (BRC).

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I received the heart breaking news of his demise while still in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, where I’m
currently representing Nigeria as the country’s representative on the Technical Board of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), a forum of world natural gas producing and exporting nations. I will be heading back to Nigeria (Bauchi) as a result of his death to join other family members in mourning my uncle.

Although, his passing away is painful and unforgettable, I am however consoled by the fact that Uncle Almu lived and died as a virtuous man and he will forever be remembered by posterity as an epitome of honesty, integrity, generosity, humility and contentment.

He has since been buried according to Islamic rites amid tears and the funeral was attended by teeming sympathizers from all walks of life. We are consoled and give thanks to Almighty Allah for the endless good testimonies in his memory. Many hadiths of the holy Prophet  Muhammad [PBUH] stressed the importance of good testimonies on the dead ones.

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So, I view the death of Malam Almu as a lesson. Indeed, death does not spare even the good ones. We should always be kind to fellow human beings so that when we die, people will speak well of us, miss us and Allah will have mercy on us. Uncle Almu had lived and is now gone.

But he will never be forgotten by us. And we fervently believe that Allah loves him the most. What the deceased needs from all of us that are alive now are prayers for Allah’s mercy and eternal rest. Rest in peace dear Uncle – till we meet to part no more. No doubt, to Allah is the final destination of All!

Wunti is the Group General Manager, Corporate Planning and Strategy at NNPC

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