Always pray for the dead, cleric urges Muslim faithful

An Islamic cleric Salihu Aminu has tasked Muslim faithful on praying for their departed relative and friends.
He made the call while speaking on the Importance of Praying for the Dead, at a special prayer session in memory of Hajiya Halita Aliyu; Hajiya Ramatu Lukman; and Alhaji Abdullahi Abubakar, Saturday in Abuja.

The prayer session, which included Christian and Muslim prayers, also visit to the graves of the deceased.
The Lagos a based cleric said:”According to the Quran, whenever one leaves this world it is not the end of life, this world is a stage where pass through and we go to the next world. Whatever we have done in this world, whether good or bad, we are going to receive the reward in the thereafter.

“But there is a where by if we leave this world and our loved ones, our children, our friends, our relatives, continue to pray for the almighty Allah will have mercy for and will forgive , if not all our sins but part of sins that we might have committed because it is not possible to pass through this world without committing any sin.
“God almighty Allah is the one that forgive our sins so he decide that though this sin had been written for him or her but because their loved ones are praying for them, because if someone did not do good non earth when he leaves this world nobody will pray for them, nobody will remember them.

“If their loved ones are remembering them and praying for him then that is part of good things they had done when they were alive. As a if a person was destined not to enter paradise before he now be qualified because his loved ones are praying for him.”
Fielding questions from journalists, the organiser of the prayer session, Hajiya Maimuna Ahman Pategi, said, “I have a lot of people that have died, people that were very close to me but have died. Hajiya Halita, Hajiya Ramatu and Alhaji Abdulahi, that we are praying for today were very dear to me.
“I went through a period of depression and these people were there for me… And in Islam when you are dead the benefits that you get is from people prating for you. Food of the dead people is prayers from people are living.
“So, that’s what I am trying to do and I am hoping that their children will emulate and pray for their parents everyday because the prayers of children is even more beneficial to a dead person than that of friends and other members of the family.

“From what we are told in Islam there is punishment in the grave for what one did while alive but from these prayers punishment it be reduced in the grave and give the dead light and their grave and make their graves comfortable.”
On the Christian prayers, she said: “We are for victims of Book Haram , fallen soldiers, victims of , victims of domestic and all victims of violent crimes in the country and since we have Christin and Muslim victims the Christin cleric prayed for the Christin victims while the Muslim cleric prayed for the Muslim victims.”

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