Amazing stories of wisdom in Islam

The faith of Suhayb ibn Sinan
Sayyiduna Suhayb and Ammar accepted Islam and both came to see the Holy Prophet with the intention of gaining his pleasure. The Prophet at the time was at the house of Arqam. Both men were on their way to see the Prophet on their own when by chance they met each other at the door of the house where Rasulallah was staying. What bound them together was their acceptance of Islam and their wish to serve the Holy Prophet. When they accepted Islam, the Muslims were less in number and suffered immensely from its enemies. They had to endure very hard times. Such was the persecution they faced that they considered migrating but the enemies of Islam would not allow them to go so easily and harassed them even further. The Prophet migrated from Makkah and gave his followers permission to do so too. One night on the pretense of going to relieve himself, Suhayb managed to escape the clutches of the Quraysh and fled on horseback. The enemies a while later realized what he had done and gave chase and eventually caught up with him. Shuayb holding his bow and arrow at the ready, shouted: “Men of Quraysh! You know, by God, that I am one of the best archers and my aim is unerring. By God, if you come near me, with each arrow I have, I shall kill one of you. Then I shall strike with my sword. ”
A Quraysh spokesman responded: By God, we shall not let you escape from us with your life and money. You came to Makkah weak and poor and you have acquired what you have acquired. “” What would you say if I left you my wealth? “Interrupted Suhavh: “Would you get out of my way? “” Yes, “they agreed. Suhayb described a place in his house in Makkah where he had left the money, and they allowed him to go. Shuyab eventually made it to Madinah and reached the feet of the Holy Prophet. The Prophet was overjoyed to see Suhayb and said, “Your transaction has been fruitful, O Abu Yahya. Your transaction has been fruitful. “He repeated this three times. Suhayb’s face beamed with happiness as he said,” By God, no one has come before me to you, Messenger of God, and only Jibril could have told you about this. ” Hakayatus Sahaba For the Companions their wealth and everything else is subordinate to Islam and the Prophet. They sacrificed their worldly possessions for Islam, which in reality is the real profit and gain in life. • 213. Best Islamic Stories
Malik Bin Dinar and the Thief
A burglar scaled the wall of Maalik Bin Dinar’s house one night and easily managed to get inside. Once inside the house, the thief was disappointed to see nothing worth stealing. Maalik was busy performing prayer. Realizing he was not alone, he quickly ended his prayer and turned around to face the thief.
Without showing any signs of shock or scare, Maalik calmly extended greetings of peace and said, “My brother, may Allah forgive you. You entered my home and found nothing worth taking, yet I do not want you to leave without taking away some benefit.”
He went in another room and came back with a jug full of water. He looked into the eyes of the burglar and said,
“Make ablution and perform two units of prayer, for if you do so, you will leave my home with a greater treasure than you had initially sought.”
Humbled by Maalik’s manners and words, the thief said, “Yes, that is a generous offer indeed.”
After making ablution and performing two units of prayer, the burglar said, “O Maalik, would you mind if I stayed for a while, for I want to stay to perform two more units of prayer?”