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Ambode, save us from death, — By Aiyi Ladele,

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It seems the Lagos State Polytechnic management wants to make the 2010 pensioners sacrifi cial lambs.
Th e recent decision of the Lagos State Government to disown over 140 pensioners of Lagos State Polytechnic and throw them into the uncertainties of life after pension, needs a rethink.
When in 2007 the polytechnic introduced the contributory pension scheme, this set of staff chose not to be part of the scheme, (preferring to go on voluntary retirement) and were advised to disengage within the threeyear moratorium provided by the state Pension Reform Act.
Th e polytechnic management together with its Governing Council supervised the retirement process from 2007 to 2010, eventually disengaging them in 2010.
Upon disengagement, entitlements in terms of pension, arrears of salary due and even part of their gratuity were paid.
But alas suddenly in 2014, pension was threatened with suspension on the excuse that these over 140 staff who had put in upwards of 32 years of meritorious service retired illegally.
Th is sounds absurd to us because the process took all of three years, with Laspotech Management and Governing Council directing every stage of the process.
Th e state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, who is also the Visitor of the institution should intervene and save us from penury and untimely death.
Aiyi Ladele, Ikorodu, Lagos State, +2348077698

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