Amina Ala: A poet or Kannywood singer?

Malama Aminu “Ala” a person that came to limelight during the Governor Ibrahim Shekarau administration in Kano state in 2003. Ala was a political singer who was brought to limelight by one Sani Lawan Kofar Mata, a politician and onetime big wig if Kano State Pilgrims Board from 2004 – 2011. Ala has actually captured the minds of the people in the North for his good and pleasant lyrics with a soft voice to the listening ears of his fans especially in Kona State.

Although I seldom listen to such beautiful songs by the Kano born Zamfara man, every minute he gets a lot of admirers around the country, especially the Hausa speakers. Ala has been going on his beautiful self help business without a hitch even when some film makers have been at each other’s throat regarding Mr. Ala’s his quest to distance himself from them.

Ala had accused them through his beautiful track known as Bara – a Kufai. He listed many areas where he could not beg including joining the wagon of film industry, particularly Kannywood. Bara-a-Kufai to my understanding is begging a dead land as he said and equated to as a grave.

He said he would rather beg there than join an industry that yields nothing but arrogance and bad behaviour for the youths. Ala also touched the university where he called it a very rigid and complicated area where one has to be so vigilant before crossing the hurdle.

“Alan Waka,” as his admirers call him, has a strong message and had appealed to his own mother to be patient as people sometime touch even the integrity of his parents regarding his stand not to join them do what he believes is injustice to humanity.

I said earlier “Alan Waka” not “Alan Wahala” does his style which sometime or most of the time captures the heart of man as his voice is soft and recall even the timely good behaviour as even endorsed by the religion to whom we all believe in. As “Alan Waka” walks his life beautifully has now come to the point where some politicians have used him to blackmail their political foes and perhaps that was why went into hiding somewhere in Lokoja, Kogi state.

Now that the court has vindicated him and the other track coming out will justify whether Alan Waka is guilty or not but for now, he is welcome back to his birth place as we all believe him to be a good Samaritan who is not paid to blackmail anyone. Alan Waka welcome back.

Comrade Ibrahim Abdu Zango,



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