An open letter to the Tiv family

Your existence as an ethnic family is threatened by many forces, ranging from political beliefs to lack of support among yourselves, bad leadership to corruption, internal and external killings of your members by your Tiv-brothers, the herdsmen, the Jukum, the Ugep and many more. 
Despite the constant invasion of your land and the killings of your people by the enemies, you still  fight among yourselves to kill your  brothers and sisters and destroy your hard earned property to cause setback in the development and continued to lack and lag behind in every aspect of growth, be it infrastructure, population, wealth, sports, culture and so on. 
As I write now, the Jukum are killing and destroying your assets in Taraba state, herdsmen are doing same in Kiana and Awe areas of Nasarawa state, Guma and other parts of Benue state, in some parts of Taraba state and many other places not mentioned here. While the Ugep people in Cross River state are happily killing your people in Mbakunu, who share the boundary with them. 
As if that is not enough, the Tiv, among   themselves, are killing their own   in Katsina-Ala. The crisis that started long ago is still ongoing but in the soundless manner, killing your brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, aunties, nephews, cousins and so on. 
Katsina-Ala is gradually becoming a no go area. No wonder, the name Katsina-Ala is even dying systematically due to the fact that things that were developing and making   the place popular are no longer functioning because of the killings that have turned the place into a danger zone. 
The College of Education Katsina-Ala, has lost many of its lecturers, discouraging people from applying to study in the same college that was known to be the best in the country, the Bitch in Katsina-Ala that used to accommodate large number of people for picnic and other events is gone due to the fear of unknown as the killings persist, the Katsina-Ala Main Market is gradually folding up, Katsina-Ala Stadium is no longer hosting the needed number of spectators for sports’ activities and other events. 
It is unfortunate that both indigenes and  non-indigenes are relocating to other places since Katsina-Ala is no longer safe for them and their businesses. 
However, love, peace and unity are   needed now to confront and defeat   your enemies if you must continued to exist as a tribe, family, group or human race. The enemies are killing you and encroaching into your territory with the intention of wiping the Tiv family out to take over your land. The Tor-Tiv and the Tiv Council of Elders must act now before it is too late.  
Awunah Pius Terwase,
Mpape, Abuja.
[email protected]

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