Anambra: No plan for consensus arrangement in APC – Andy Uba

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Former presidential aide to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo  Senator Andy Uba, has declared that consensus arrangement being advocated for by some governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) won’t work.

Speaking with newsmen Tuesday in Abuja after submitting his nomination forms at the national secretariat of APC, Uba assured that Anambra state will be different once he is sworn in as governor because of the laudable plans he has already laid out.

The former senator stressed that the time was not a time for “trying luck with the leadership of the state as it was at a crossroad.

“Today, Anambra state is at a crossroads and this is no time for trying your luck. If you remember in 2007 when I won the election as the Governor of Anambra state, I had the plan to change the face of Anambra.

 “ I planned in order to help the youth, empower the women and to be able to take Anambra to a different level. Infrastructure, agriculture and so many other plans. I have modified those plans now from what they were before. Anambra will be a different state once I am elected as a governor”, he stated.

On whether he will be available for a consensus arrangement,  Uba said: “I dont think that has been presented to us. I have no idea what you are saying. Nobody told me about concensus. I have not heard it. This is the first time I am hearing it from you.

“I think Anambra people will have to decide after our primary.  And I know i am going to win for sure. After the primary they will decide who they want as their governor. What APGA has done  they have done. Everybody knows.They have been there for 16 years and that doesn’t mean. If you remember, we had a party that was there for many years. APC still came in. So many years doesn’t mean anything. That you are there for twenty or thirty years. What have you done? Are the people happy with you? If they are not then you have reasons to change? I am sure there will be change to vote APC this time.”

Meanwhile another governorship aspirant, Rev. Godwin Okonkwo, said he was more prepared for the job among all the contestants.

“I am well prepared. Sound mind, capacity, courage and character. Because competence without character has no value. They both enrich values. And I think I have that. What are my bringing onboard? I am bringing unity to my people. I will be a father to everyone. And Anambra with me there, the hope of the poor will be restored. We will restore Anambra to a place that investors will have confidence and a place to invest in. That is what I am bringing onboard.”

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