Anambra poll: IGP deploys 34, 587 cops, 3 helicopers, vows to deal with subversive elements

The Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Baba, has deployed 34,587 police personnel, three helicopter towards guaranteeing a safe, secure, and credible electoral process in the November 6 governorship election in Anamabra state.

This is as the police boss has warned subversive elements who are bent on employing violence as well as any political actor who may want to adopt undemocratic and illegal means to achieve their aspiration to bury such thoughts or be prepared to face the wrath of the law no matter how highly or lowly place they may be.

The IGP disclosed this while speaking during the second strategic police managers conference, from Commissioners of Police (CP) and above, Thursday, at the Force Headquarters, Abuja.

Baba, who said the meeting was a follow up to the International session with Squadron Commanders on the up coming election, noted that the Police was “firmly committed to partner with the INEC with the dictates of the Electoral Act towards delivering a credible electoral process ans outcome.”

He disclosed that, “An electoral security threat analysis has been conducted by the Force Intelligence Bureau and based on the outcome of this initiative we have developed a strategic election security operation order which involves the mobilisation and deployment of 34,587 personnel.

“This will comprise of conventional police officers; Police Mobile Force (PMF); ounter Terrosims Unit (CTU); special forces personnel; Explosive Ordinance Unit (EOD); Force Intelkigence Bureau (FBI), INTERPOL; Special Protection Unit (SPU); as well as police medical teams.

“We will also be deploying three police helicopter for aerial surveillance as well as detachments of marine police operatives; specially trained Force animals; and our unique technical intelligence capacity towards guaranteeing a safe, secure and credible electoral process in the state.

“Drawing from our previous election security operations, we have also emplaced adequate forward and reverse logistics arrangement to address the welfare needs of all personnel being deployed for operations.

Speaking further, IGP Baba said, “The years is gradually windong down and as the lead internal security agency, I must remind you you all of your critical roles in projevrinf and strengthening the security architecture in Commands towards ensuring that anticipated security threats are prevented in the most professional and proactive manner.

“…To compliment your efforts, I can assure you that we shall soon launch a s deploy new fleet of patrol vehicles and other operational assets which are being procured through the intervention of the Police Trust Fund (PTF) to re-energise the safer highway patrol scheme and strengthen your operations.”

According to him, “We are also initiating certain actions that are directed at addressing specific issues that impact on our professional output. In this regard, in the course recent duty tours, I have noticed, as well as received complaints on the poor and inhabitants state of most police barracks.

“In response to this, the Force leadership is currently working with the Federal government and PFT as well as taking full advantage of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) window towards redeveloping our barracks and establishing new affordable housing estates for all cadre of Police personnel.

“In addition, we are working at modernising our police stations across the country, both in terms of architectural design, furnishing, and operational protocols. In this regard, we have developed a model police station architectural design which will be contructed across all the states of the federation in rrplacement to the existing out dated police stations, most of which are onlonger fit for purpose.

“Implementation of this project will soon commence and the initiative is to create a purpose-built, friendly and befitting working environment for police operations in the spirit of community policing a d to start giving practical effect to our vision of modernising the NPF.”

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