Anambra RTEAN worries over motor park touts, miscreants

Worried by the unwholesome activities of motor park touts and miscreants in Anambra state, the Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), in the state has urged the governor, Willie Obinno to commerce their arrest.

The Anambra state RTEAN boss, Comrade Celestine Afam Anere said that arresting these miscreants who has so long engaged in illegal collection of monies from motorists will further boost the revenue profile of the state if they, RTEAN is fully in charge of the road transport sector.

Anere said the state Governor Willie Obinno should call to order the illegal collection of over two thousand naira been collected on daily basis by one Nnamdi Okafor and his cohorts in the UDWANAs, adding that Okafor and his people has refused to carry out the directive of the state government as directed to stop the sales of Internally Generated Revenue until June 1st , 2019.

“We RTEAN in Anambra state are calling on governor Obiano to stop all illegal collection of revenue and dues by one Nnamdi Okafor and his cohorts as directed. These people are touts, miscreants terrorizing our innocent people on the street of Anambra state. The state revenue can not improve like this, when monies collected by them goes into their private pockets.

” More so, RTEAN will no linger allow any welfare Association registered by the CAC to collect union dues from our members, we will arrest any touts, miscreants  and hand over to the police who try to forcefully collect dues from RTEAN members in Anambra state, as this is in violation of their registration by CAC.”

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