…And Soul E too!

Singer Soul E who has not been on low key career-wise since breaking up with Queen Ure years back may have found a new way to be relevant, though it’s in an unexpected way.
Soul E Baba is now a prophet! He’s actually announced he has been a prophet for some time now, but he launched his celebrity prophet’s status over the weekend when he prophesied about two of Nigeria’s current rave of the moment Wizkid and Davido.

“When God gives a vision he gives it so we are careful and pray. As I was sleeping the Lord opened my eyes and I saw Wizkid being poisoned. He needs to be careful and get close to God. I also saw Davido in a fatal motor car accident. I stand as a prophet and cancel this. Finally, I saw Aso Rock on Fire. The President needs to declare three days fasting and prayer for the nation. I’m not here to make anyone afraid. If God revealed a vision, He is ready to save”
God must really love Davido; two prophecies for him! Or what do you think?

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