Ankpa 1 and quality representation By Musa Musawa

There is never a people found in a virile democracy who do not have a representative that subsumes the people’s character, intellect, wishes and above all trust.
Never in the history of the people of Ankpa 1 Constituency, in Kogi state have the people really felt ably represented like the present dispensation of which Hon Ahmed Ahmed is the Deputy Majority Leader of the Kogi State House of Assembly.
He is a man that is close to the Executive arm of government and his proximity to the governor has made it easier for him to draw development projects to his people.
Some of these development projects which he attracted to his people include boreholes, school building and renovation, rural and urban electrification projects, development of health centres and provision of affordable drugs, etc.
It is on record that all the towns, districts and villages in his constituencies received equal attention when it comes to the siting of developmental projects because he feels justice and equal rights to all should be the cornerstone of his dealings with his people.
The people of this constituency know that they need a man of diligence and uprightness to lead them and having gotten these leadership qualities in Hon Ahmed Ahmed, they have decided to collectively use his advantageous qualities and exemplary leadership credentials to bring more democratic dividend to their doorsteps.
The people know that to achieve these objectives they need to keep this winning team in return for the continuation of the receipt of government patronage and development in its physicality and all ramifications.
His knowledge of the workings of the legislature would be handy this time around to ensure positive development agenda formulation for the benefit of the people.
Ahmed Ahmed has tremendous respect for people and the elders, no wonder he is one of the very few political leaders that is approachable by all, irrespective of gender, age, status and above all religious affiliations.
He is devout Muslim who believes that power is transient and democratic power should be sought for peacefully without loss of life as he believes human life is sacrosanct.
This fact can be attested to by all as all elections he participated in have always been adjudged peaceful to a large extent.
He believes in the will of God and this will of God is translated practically on the successes he recorded in his private and public life.
He has known that religion plays a pivotal role in the upliftment of man and so decided to sponsor the national annual Quranic recitation competition in the state.
With this singular gesture the Kogi state lawmaker has shown that he is not only interested in the physical development of his people but also the spiritual rejuvenation of his people.
The spirit of competition always exhibited in this competition is good for the individual growth of participants who are mostly children and the youths.
The advantages to our collective human affiliation and the spiral effect on the societies can better be imagined than quantified.
His major responsibilities as a legislator that is making good laws for the good governance of the people of Kogi state is what he has done perfectly in the course of his stay in the state legislature.
The indefatigable Ahmed has sponsored numerous motions and bills which have impacted positively on the governance of Kogi state in particular and the society in general.
He sees the present synergy between the state’s legislature and the executive not as a sign of weakness but as a virile sacrifice for peace which is a prerequisite for social, political and economic development of the state.
The support the legislature has given to the Yahaya Bello administration plays a vital role in the peace, progress and development being enjoyed in the state so far.
We the people of Ankpa 1 constituency want continuity in representation and we acknowledge that our representative in the state’s legislature has performed beyond expectations.
We, therefore, call on Hon.
Ahmed Ahmed to please contest the election into the Kogi State House of Assembly again to enable him deliver more dividend of democracy to our people and above all development in its physicality that we can see.
We have seen, tasted and can attest that he is truly our people’s voice and not one that derives his ambition from the intermeddling of any godfather.
Finally, we call on our fellow citizens and voters in Ankpa 1 constituency to vote for hope and continuity, vote for service delivery, vote for a new type of politics in which we are all kings; vote for security due to oneness and progress of all; vote for pro-people policies; vote for anti-corruption policies in Kogi state and vote for a leader whose major motive is love for the people of Ankpa 1 Constituency in particular and Kogi state as a whole.
RUN, Ahmed Ahmed, RUN.
Musawa writes from Ankpa, Kogi state

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