ANOCA @40: Dare holds tripartite meeting with Algerian, Egyptian sports ministers

Minister of Youth and Sports Sunday Dare

Nigeria’s Minister of Youth and Sports Development Mr Sunday Dare on Tuesday  in Abuja held a Tripartite meeting with his counterparts from Algeria and Egypt on how to foster  mutual benefits among their countries.

The meeting formed part of activities marking the 40th anniversary of the Association of National Olympic Committees in Africa (ANOCA) taking place in Abuja..

Speaking during the meeting, Dare said, “When I visited Egypt some three months ago, we had a joint meeting where  we reviewed youth and sports development programmes of our countries and explored common areas  we can leverage on . We have spent the past few weeks  trying  to see which  areas can be best explored.  We agreed that  he would either  come to Abuja or I would visit  Cairo.Gladly, he has come to Abuja and we want to warmly welcome him.

“It is also so important to welcome the Minister of Youth and Sports Development from Algeria who was the Chairman of the Anti Corruption  War in Algeria, the equivalent of our  EFCC chairman before he became the Minister.

“The population of Youth in Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt is growing in leaps and bounds. These youth need to be engaged either by giving them employment, or by keeping them busy through sports and competitions, providing them finance to start their own businesses or by simply ensuring that we give them the digital skills that they need. So, for youth development there are four critical areas; Digital Skills and Digital Literacy for the digital economy for the 24th century. How do we operate this aspect because we have that challenge and I am sure we will know whether it’s the same challenge. “

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