Another garland for the Atikus

The son of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was recently elevated into a royal position in Adamawa state at a ceremony that attracted many Nigerians. MUAZU ABARI reports.

The appointment and turbaning of Alhaji Adamu Atiku Abubakar, the eldest son of the former vice president Atiku Abubakar who is also Adamawa state commissioner for works and energy development as Sardaunan Ganye, a title initially occupied by his father has again brought into fore the imperative of parental succession and why parents must strive to bring up their children on the path of honour.

The former vice president’s 75-year sojourn on earth can be described as a fulfilled one as Allah not only bless him with wealth and influences, but also with hardworking children who are anxious to follow his footsteps especially in politics, business and philanthropy.

 The turbaning of his eldest son, Adamu believed to be the brain box in Adamu Fintiri’s  administration in Adamawa state at a time that he is making his marks in politics and public space is seen in most quarter’s as Atiku most memorial birthday gift.

Background of recipient

Investigation shows that in all his endeavours, Adamu had always proved to be a true son of his father both in words and deeds. Here, he utilises all god-given opportunities to add value to humanity and change the fortunes of so many families, communities with his humanitarian gestures.

He is someone with a shining example of sincerity, honesty and compassion always combining brain works and physical strength to achieve results whenever assigned a responsibility.

Upon his graduation from London University, he joined the private sector where he continued to prove his leadership acumen and torched the lives of so many people especially the downtrodden. He did this by using his position and god-given wealth quietly from the background, a move which endeared him to the people that see him as a replacement to his father known for such philanthropy and love for the common man.

While still working in the private sector where he rose steadily through sheer dint of hard work and dedication to duty to become acting assistant general manager of Intel’s Nigeria limited, the passion to contribute his quota to the political development of his state left him with no option than to pitch his tent with the gubernatorial ambition of Gov Ahmadu Fintiri where he played critical roles and participated actively in the political campaign that led to his emergence as governor after which he was appointed as commissioner for works and energy development.

As a commissioner, Adamu has performed credibly with so many achievements recorded in his ministry especially in the areas of projects execution, competency and credibility in the discharge of his duties which increased his political popularity and endeared him to the hearts of the people of Adamawa state and Fintiri’s administration which sees him as a pillar, trusted and dependable ally in the services of the people of Adamawa state.

His inputs have come to bear in the new concept of development which was hitherto unknown to the people of the in the last two years with massive infrastructural drive that completely changed the face of development in the state, the constructions of the first ever flyovers in the North-east with interchange, constructions of rural an urban roads across the state, completion of abandoned ones among other urban renewal drives.

His humanitarian gestures and supports to families, communities and individuals knows no bound especially in the areas of community development service, education, youths empowerment, among others, which endeared him to the hearts of the masses who see him as a beacon of hope and salvation who have been adding value to his people and the government.

It is therefore, not a surprise that the Ganwari Ganye, HRH Alhaji Umaru Adamu Sanda recognised his contributions and bestowed on him the traditional tittle of ‘Sardaunan Ganye’. All roads leading to Ganye on the day of the coronation were barricaded with people across the length and breadth of the country who stormed the state to witness the coronation as the second Sardaunan Ganye.

Royal father speaks

Speaking at the event, HRH Sanda said that the decision by Ganye chiefdom  to bestow the traditional tittle on Adamu among other illustrious sons and daughters of the chiefdom is due to their numerous contributions to the development of the state and amazing roles they continued to played in promoting the goals of Ganye chiefdom over the years.

This, according to him, would not only encouraged them to keep on putting in their best for their people and the state, but would also inspire others to follow their footsteps assuring that the chiefdom would continue to honour its illustrious sons and daughters who have distinguished themselves. This is even as  he applauded Fintiri’s administration for elevating the standard of education and security in the state and for his massive infrastructural drive which have changed the face of development in the state.

On his part, chairman of the occasion, Senator Abdul Ningi re-emphasise the importance of traditional rulers and roles of tittles holders in ensuring  peace, security and development of the society and urged them to justify the confidence reposed on them for the betterment of their people.

Gov Fintiri excited by awards

In his speech at the occasion, Gov Fintiri congratulated Adamu whom he described as a promising son of the former vice president, Atiku Abubakar and others honoured, noting that they are a pride of his administration, saying their appointment as traditional tittles holders in Ganye chiefdom is a vote of confidence on his administration.

“Let me congratulates His Royal Highness Ganwari Ganye, Umar Adamu Sanda over the historic feat of turbaning six illustrious sons and daughters notable among who are the chief of staff, Prof Maxwell Gidado, Alhaji Adamu Atiku Abubakar the upcoming and promising son of former vice president, Atiku Abubakar. I am aware that these titles hold great significance to the holders, the traditional council and the state for a society in search of role models. This ceremony comes at a very auspicious time.”

“This occasion must be seen beyond the fun fare and be regarded as deserving rewards to the celebrants for bringing home various laurels in their individual pursuits that made the chiefdom and Adamawa proud. I therefore, congratulate the new tittles holders for deserving the various titles. I consider this as a vote of confidence and assurance of high esteem for our government. It is also re assuring that trust is intact, an affirmation that the government is on the right tract.

“As a responsible government, we are committed to the ideals of effective community governance which can only be attained through constructive engagement with traditional institutions. Over the years, it has become increasingly visible that traditional authorities play key roles in security and communal vigilance particularly in the fight against insurgency, banditry and cattle rustling.”

The governor added further that, “Since assuming office two years ago, this government had waged a frontal but coordinated revolution in all facets of development which have unleashed good and responsible governance. I have remained committed in keeping with all the critical promises I made. While the demands to deliver on these promises are the debt I owe Adamawa people, the ability to settle this IOU is my obligation to you.

“I am glad that Ganye chiefdom opens its door to the government as a hub of resource for patronage and happily the sons and daughters we are celebrating today are in the forefront in making Adamawa state great again. I have continued to regard Ganye as a home not only for the warm reception I have always been accorded each time I am here, but because of the nostalgia I feel when I recall that it is the chiefdom where I kick-started my successful gubernatorial bid in December 2018.”

Hajiya Titi Atiku full of appreciation

Speaking to journalists in an interview, mother of the new Sardaunan Hajiya Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar said, “I am so elated and happy that the younger generation needs to be brought home and closer to the community to understand traditions and customs of their people. Apart from his position as a commissioner, he is now an ambassador to the people of the community which is an added responsibility. I know what he can do; he is a sympathetic person. I have no doubt that he would justify the confidence reposed on him.”

“We all come from villages; if you don’t go home, you have missed it, also the people would not know you and we don’t want the family name to go into extinction; so you have to start teaching your children these tribal things. I pray that God Almighty will see him through.”

With this coronation and added responsibility given to him, Adamu has now stepped into another shoe of his father who has done well for traditional institutions that led to his elevation as Wazirin Adamawa which is the Second-in-Command after the Lamido in Adamawa Emirate Council. It remains to be seen how he would adequately fit into this shoe of his father amidst so many responsibilities, but going by his antecedents, most people believe that he is a round peg in a round hole and would live up to the expectations.