Anti-mining protests spread in Sudan

Ongoing demonstrations against toxic gold mining operations in South Kordofan have been joined by public protests at Wadi Halfa in Sudan’s Northern State.

The sit-in of the citizens of Talodi and Kalogi against the gold mining companies has entered its third week. A leader from the Forces of Freedom and Change, Mohammed El Mustafa told Radio Dabanga that the demonstrators are determined to remain there until their demands are met and the demands are: expelling the companies from these area, removal of the Rapid Support Forces from the mining areas, and investigating those responsible for the presence of these companies.

El Mustafa stated that “the decisions of the governor are no longer binding to the people of Talodi and Kalogi because people have realised that the governor is not serious in his decision to remove these companies from these areas, and is unwilling to implement his decision of expelling these troops from the gold mines. He added that these companies continue to operate despite a clear directive to leave the areas.

Yesterday, the people of Talodi organised a demonstration against a delegation visiting the town from Khartoum demanding the removal of the governor and expressing their concerns regarding the approach the government is taking to address the deterioration of the environment in the town.

The teachers’ Union in Talodi conducted a public forum explaining their reasons behind the ongoing closure of schools in the town’s market. Mohammed El Fadl told Dabanga radio that the Teachers’ Union confirmed its solidarity with the issues of the people of Talodi.

Further, he stated that the schools will remain closed until all the demands of people are fulfilled, above all to eliminate environmental risks posed by the activities of the company.

The people of Kalogi also continued their sit-in for the third week. A representative of the Forces of Freedom and Change in Kalogi, El Wali Ismail, told Radio Dabanga that the process of dismantling and deporting the equipment of the El Tawasal company is still going on. He added that the demonstrator are determined to remain there until this company is chased out and its equipment can be removed from the area.

Yesterday, a delegation of the city’s youth arrived in Khartoum to initiate a legal process against the company concerned for the damage it caused to the community in the area, said El Wali Ismail.

Dozens of people protested against mining operations in Sawarda in Wadi Halfa in Sudan’s North state yesterday against the international (El Dwalia Company) mining operation that has caused harm to the people by using Cyanide in its operations in Sawarda.

Wael Hassan, a spokesman of the Six-Party Committee for Resistance to Mining Damage, told Radio Dabanga that dozens of villagers gathered yesterday in front of the factory and held slogans and banners condemning the companies and demanding their immediate departure from the area.

Wael stated that the protesters refused to obey an army force with two vehicles that blocked the protesters’ way to the factory, then the protestors set up a tent in front of the factory gate and closed all roads leading to the factory.

Wael said that the demonstrators had sought all peaceful means against the company, however, they have got no solution.

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