Apapa customs ambushes banned drugs, rakes N31bn


Nigeria Customs Command (NCS), Apapa has 4×40 foot containers of banned drugs valued at N110,016,524.
Blueprint gathered that one person was arrested in connection with the seized drugs but had been granted administrative.
The Controller of the NCS Apapa Command, Jibrin Musa who gave the of the seizures said the drugs were imported by a company identified as Villa Gold Pharmacy from India.
The seizures contained different pharmaceutical products controlled and regulated from importation into the country.
Jibrin expressed worry over the incessant importation of banned drugs giving the state of insecurity in the country saying, “one wonder what negative impact would have resulted in the aftermath of these drugs finding their way into the larger society. They could have further aggravated the already tensed situation in the country” he noted.
The drugs were found in four different containers marked as MRSU 3637149 containing cartons of Tramadol Hydrochloride tablet and 56 cartons of Collstop Chlorpheniramine Maleate Capsule and MRSU 6196764 container loaded with 368 cartoons of Tramadol capsule PP (120MG), 192 cartoons of Tramadol capsules (250 mg) and 160 cartoon of Doumol Anagestic.
Other containers marked as MRSU 3516384 contained 554 cartoons of Tramadol capsule Bp (120mg) and 176 cartons of Col-cap while on 7th February, 2018 MRSU 6058282 container with 200 cartons of Tramadol (225), 330 cartons of Ibramol, Chest and Lungs Tablets (15mg), 198 cartoons of Col-Caps Capsules (4mg) and 453 cartons of Rally Extra (50mg) was intercepted.
However the Apapa Customs Command declared N31, 015, 084, 626, 85 as the generated revenue for the month of January 2018.
The amount reflected a N5.1 billion increase compared to the sum of N25, 958,919, 218, 73 collected for January 2017.
Not relenting in its efforts to generate more revenues, the controller hinted that the Apapa Command was set to deploy a software to block revenue leakages.

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