APC campaign organisation warns members against sabotage

An All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign organization (Divine Mandate organization) weekend warned members of the group against sabotaging their effort.

This was as they urged members who may not want to work with them to indicate.

Afikpo North local government arm of the organisation appealed during its inaugural meeting at the council headquarters.

Chairman of the organisation in Afikpo, Chief Christopher Omo-Isu in his address told the people that they had undertaken a serious business which they must deliver, adding that anyone who may not be willing to work with them should indicate.

Omo-Isu a former House of Representative member representing the Afikpo North and South federal constituency in his remarks, said that he was willing to give his best to see that the aim of the organisation is achieved.

He said, “If you have accepted this assignment and you believe you will do it, you must go the extra mile to do it. How do we do it? You must go down to the grassroots, polling unit by polling unit, and talk to people convincingly. If we don’t do our best to deliver our people the shame will be on us individually next time nobody will want to identify with us.

“Omo-Isu will always tell you if you want to run an election and you are not prepared forget about it. In the election, there is no such thing as the second position it is either you come first or come second and fail. Therefore anybody that is going for election must come first and those people leading them must target the first position.

“We are here to seek ways to deliver all our candidates in APC and that means we must go down to our villages, the grassroots, to do our work properly. Target those that have their PVC they are the people that are most important in this race, identify and work with them”.

Also, the Chairman of Afikpo North local government Uche Ibiam, who doubles as the Deputy Chairman of the campaign committee, charged members to be faithful in dealing with the people, especially with those in the grassroots.

“That you are not the chairman, DG or Secretary of the organization does not make you a lesser person, all of us are important. I’m from Unwana ward A, and on Election Day I cannot be in Amasiri ward B, I will be restricted to my polling unit, each of us here has polling units and we are very important in our areas.

“The chairman of the committee said something, the embarrassment the candidates will face is small to what we the stakeholders will face if we don’t deliver.”

In his speech, the Director General of the Campaign organisation in Afikpo  North, Timothy Nwachi, called on the people to take the campaign seriously.

“You know many persons are taken election as the time to build houses, buy cars or even to get married to for your son or daughter. No, to my understanding, the election is a time for service to your people, it is the time to bring out your sincerity, and the loyal spirit in you to the party you have vowed to belong to, and that is why I am coming from the angle of sabotage.

“The greatest challenge any group used to have is the enemy in the house that is why I want to appeal to all the committee members to see every other person as yourself.

“We are here seated as principal officers, it is for things to move accordingly but we all have equal work to do as other speakers have said. We will never remain in our various polling units and that is why the leaders of the Divine mandate of continuity and consolidation 2023 that our vote is going to be from bottom to top not from up to bottom.

“They laid so much emphasis on works at the polling units that is where we have the real work to do. When you get there I want to advise do not to look at your uncle to bring him in at the ward or the polling unit, and do not look at your wife or sister to being her in at the ward or polling unit, look at those that have always stood to make sure that you are not rigged out, you are not intimidated”.

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