APC government: A political collaboration

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I remember this saying long ago when government were really government. That was, as we assumed then, that government had simple, logical, reasonable, dispassionate solutions to every challenge that came before it.
Government then was humane, compassionate, considerate and looked at both angles of a problem before they decided on what to do.

Central to all decisions government may take, then, was the human factor not material, and of course not financial. Government then is a benefactor not a beneficiary. Central and vital in most decisions taken was who stood to gain from the decisions taken.

To orphans there was orphanage, to criminals there were prisons, to students there were boarding schools and bursaries and scholarships, to teachers there were incentives and inducements, to workers there were allowances, to all the vulnerable in the society there were packages for them to benefit from.

Government then terminated appointments only when all avenues of palliatives were exhausted and in the event of eventual termination of appointment one left with all one’s entitlements.

Today, our government has only one solution to a problem. If a unit is over blotted with staff, the government has no any alternative but to sack them.
Retrenchment, down-sizing, right-sizing, termination and any other words to suit the purpose is resorted to.

When a government has only one alternative to a problem, then the government is a fool. It is, as if, it has only guns to kill flies.

It is as if the assignment or the arrangements by ambitious politicians to disgrace or dislodge PDP from power when they discovered that they cannot benefit from the former arrangements was over.

The task has now been accomplished PDP is dislodged from power and ambition for some is aborted for others it is still-born. With the tacit approval from President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) to contest next election, each of the ambitious zealots is now identifying his square root.

The unfortunate thing is that the whole lot of them can not contain the influx of PMB’s popularity at the poll. The most disheartening of all is he has not been able to grease, properly, his political structure since the last election. How is he going to face the opposition? Only God knows. But with God by his side, the masses, the people will always go with him.

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