APC has neglected us, but …- Aliyu

Political groups that played vital roles in emergence of President Buhari are aggrieved that after the struggle they have not been compensated. National Leader of APC’s Integrity Group, Alhaji Alhassan Aliyu,  in a chat with MUHAMMED TANKO SHITTU, speaks on the issue and others. 

What is the APC Integrity Group all about?
The All Progressives Congress-Integrity Group (APC-IG), is one of the major groups that made up of the supporters of Muhammadu Buhari working with him right from his acceptance to participate in politics far back as 2002. We have been with him in the former APP, ANPP, CPC and now APC. We are amongst those major groups that had formed the Buhari Support Organization (BSO).
We are people of likes mind who believe in the integrity, credibility and level of patriotism of President Buhari having seen and known his antecedents, the group was initiated by our late leader Alhaji Mubashiru Aliyu of blessed memory and after his death I was selected by members to lead it of course building on the good legacies that Mubashiru had left.

Now that he is President are you satisfied with the style of his administration?
Yes we are satisfy with the manner President Buhari  is leading the country, but let us not quickly forget that in the last fifteen months everybody in this country is scared of getting out of his home to attained to his or her daily activities due to the nefarious activities of the insurgent Boko Haram, however, one can clearly say the reverse is the case today.
Though the country is also faced with challenges of the Niger Delta Avengers, the Biafra agitators, the herders-farmers clash and some other economic challenges yet we still have confidence that the government is up to the tasks.

What is your take on the economic challenges Nigerians are faceing?
Yes it is a clear fact that the country’s economy is declining and that is to say the common man is suffering, yet if one look at some of the causes of the economic declining one would be able to fish out that misappropriation of the country’s huge resources by previous and more worrisome the immediate past administration of the PDP, are all factors that had greatly contributed to our economic situation.
High level of corruption and impunity of the past were also other factors, besides the dwindling fortune of oil price in the world couple with the high level of unpatriotic display by the Niger Delta Avengers, who have decided to continue to destroy the sources of the country’s economy.

But despite all these problems I am urging all Nigerians to keep hope alive, continue to do the right things, pray for the country and all will be well, we will surely get out of it, in no distance future.
We still have hope and we are optimistic that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration would salvage Nigeria; all he needs is for all of us irrespective of political affiliations, regions, religious belief or tribal inclination, to put the unity and prosperity of Nigeria as our collective resort to move it forward.
Let me ask who do Nigerians think would be taking the Bull by the horn to fight corruption in the manner president Buhari  is doing?

Some Nigerians are of the view that the government appointments are one sided, what do you make out of this?
I do not agree to that allegations, simply because none of those appointments were done out of the lawful means stipulated by our laws or guidelines as contained in the federal character commission. When you talk of appointments that have nothing to do with politics one will discover that they are all done in accordance with the stipulated rules and procedures.
Don’t forget that recently the president has sent to the Senate names of carrier diplomats seeking for their confirmation, yet people complained of lopsidedness, whereas some of the states do not have people that are qualify to be posted.

Now to political issues groups like yours who had also worked for the success of the president during campaign have been complaining of neglects after assuming office, is your members part of the complaint?
I wouldn’t like talking for others though it is a fact that beside the Integrity Group which I am leading there were others that also did their bets to ensure success, but for sure none of my members has benefited from the appointment by President Buhari.
Jos being the headquarters of the APC- Integrity Group, the president is well aware of the love and tremendous supports he always enjoyed from the people of Jos, in all political ramifications, yet we feels like we are not considered by the president, and at this juncture I will like to remind the president that members of the Integrity Group should still be as fresh as green in his memory.

Are you now regretting working and supporting the President?
Not at all, we are not regretting because we did work for victory which by Allah’s grace we have achieved, the change from bad governance to making our democracy evolving stronger. Even if by tomorrow the president contests in an election we will still work and support him. We still have confidence in him, because he is a sincere person the type that Nigeria need. Is not that he has neglected us, but we feel there is need to make him remember people like us.

But sir, the president has appointed a minister from Plateau state who is also a member of the APC.
Yes, we are not saying that the appointment of Solomon Dalung was wrong but what we are saying is that such a person appointed should be of credible conduct like the president, we want a person that will always turn back to say  yes this are our people, we need some one that is easily accessible.
We need people that have known the struggle and can turn back at any time to support the group, but to us Dalung is not helping matters. It is our hope that as the president is set to make other political appointments we should be considered.

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