APC heads for disaster in Kogi state

We had cause to warn the national headquarters of APC on the looming disaster likely to consume the party in Kogi State if nothing was done to avert it. In Blueprint of Thursday, April 10, 2014, page 22, we published a warning titled: Halting the leadership crisis in Kogi State and signed by one of us, Mr. Samuel A. Ajayi. That warning remains today unattended.
We are today giving a diagnosis of the three senatorial districts in Kogi State and warn once more that leadership crisis  in APC, if not checked, will ruin the people’s party that Nigerians, particularly, Kogites, have yearned for.
The West senatorial district looks calm while the controversial Dino Melaye is wining and dining with an insincere leader from the East senatorial district who is tearing the party apart.

The West does not witness much activity because the leaders there are not sincere, rather, they are busy destroying the party in the house of an East leader who does not wish the party well.
In the East senatorial district, two leaders slugging it out are Prince Abubakar Audu and Mr. Emmanuel Ocholi (SAN). Both are queuing behind Governor Kwankwaso and General Buhari, respectively. The Zonal Vice Chairman, North Central has joined Abubakar Audu to queue behind Kwankwaso while tactically ‘amassing’ Kogi delegates for their presidential candidate. Abubakar Audu is still believed to be working for Governor Wada as his activities continue to manifest. APC fortunes in the East are seriously in danger.

The Central senatorial district, believed to be 75% for Buhari, is in tatters as two senators, Ohize Salihu and Ohiare Mohammed, are on each other’s throat. While Ohiare has tagged himself as the ‘are ona Kakanfo’ of the Central as well as an aspirant for the Senate, he wants Ohize to step down for him because he and the chairman of the party in the state, Mr. Hadi Ametuo, who is seen as not too well educated and  unprepared for that position, have criminally falsified the list of delegates of central at the APC National Secretariat with the connivance of Abubakar Audu, the zonal  vice-chairman in charge of North Central and Administrative Secretary at the APC headquarters.
Elders of the party in the Central have tried and made efforts through Prince Audu and the zonal vice-chairman, North Central to correct this criminal act but because of the various interests, nobody is ready at the national headquarters of the APC to take the bull by the horn. The incompetent state party chairman is hell bent on helping his mentors, Ohiare and Audu, to have their way.

The problem is that these gladiators in the central and their selfish supporters from other districts are not interested in the fortunes of APC in the state. The danger this development portends for Kogi APC is its doom. Investigations have shown that a group of aggrieved members are preparing to go to court to stop the Kogi primaries if this criminal act is not dealt with decisively. Watchers believe that APC as a new party should be seen to discourage corruption and criminality in the party. The party chairman should be called to order while immediate action is taken to correct the falsified list and the perpetrators prosecuted to serve as deterrents.
The road to Kogi APC success is the immediate resolution of the pockets of crises in the three senatorial districts. The party should discourage aspirants who also want to be leaders. Delay is dangerous.

Samuel A. Ajayi,
For: Kogi Concerned Group

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