APC: Marafa raises alarm over Oshiomhole’s travails

Senator Kabir Garba Marafa CON (Zamfara Central in the 8th Senate) has cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari over alleged plot by some Northern governors in concert with their allies who want to fight the president in 2023 to remove the APC National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, and replace him with the former Zamfara State Governor, Abdul’Aziz Yari.

Marafa said what the party is witnessing was a proxy war.

 “The fight is not against Oshiomhole, it is actually against the president himself. It is only that they don’t have the guts to say it now, but they will when the time is ripe,” Sen Marafa said. 

‘’It is evident that the plot to unseat comrade Adams Oshiomhole by a gang of President Buhari’s adversaries has thickened. This plot is aimed at hijacking the party structures and hand it over to Yari, who is the arrow head of all the people that harbour bitterness against the president ahead of the 2023 general election.”The governors in concert with their cronies within and outside the party are doing everything possible to hijack the party structures to ensure that the president and his sympathisers are edged out of power equation in 2023″, he added.

According to the senator, Yari’s contempt for President Buhari was not new as it was on record that during the formation of caretaker for the APC in 2013 from the defunct legacy parties, Yari, as the chairman of the committee that distributed the party’s positions allotted to Northwest, had disdainfully insulted and denied President Buhari the previlege of making the first choice.

Marafa further revealed another source of suspicion of Yari’s reliability when he connived with his colleagues in the Nigeria Governors Forum to defeat the president and his men in the elections that produced the leadership of the National Assembly in 2015.

Marafa advised President Buhari not to allow the party structure or anything of importance to be in the hands of  the likes of Yari who clearly are hypocrites, dining and winning with the enemies of the president  in the night and smilling, pleading and pledging critical support to the president and his men in the day.

Marafa  warned “failure to prevent this is akin to signing a death sentence on the president and his team’s political future.”

“Yari and his co-travellers’ stock in trade is treachery and backstabbing. The earlier the president and his men realised it and act accordingly, the better for them and the party itself.

“Remember 2003 when the president and his party the ANPP lost the general elections? While the president and his men where nursing the wound of losing the election, one of the ANPP governors, now a major pillar of Yari’s support and collaborator, was sighted on national television cutting PDP victory cake in the Villa! That is how all of them are.

“All these machinations are geared towards hijacking the party or bouncing back to relevance and once that is done, the party’s future is doomed,” he added.

Marafa said the only reason Yari was still in the APC was his fear of the EFCC and the possibility of going to jail.

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