APC primaries: Bindow’s difficult moment

Regardless of whether it is direct or indirect, the September 29, 2018, Adamawa All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship primary elections will be a difficult one for Governor Mohammed Umaru Jibrilla.
Had the governor been in the know that the Adamawa APC primaries will be so hotly contested, he possibly would have lobbied the party to adopt a consensus candidate, solely for the primaries.
The odds are seemingly against Bindow, but he is coming into the contest with incumbency and strong political war-chest, which give him a coveted advantage.
However, he does not have an established political structure and his grassroots support is weak.
Denying an incumbent automatic return ticket usually brings problems to a political party, but the case of Bindow and the Adamawa APC is different.
Governor Bindow allegedly has a history of divided loyalty to APC and the Buhari Presidential campaign.
On many occasions, Governor Bindow has shown that his political interest is skewed towards somewhere else instead of the party.
As a top politician, Bindow has been careless of the broadening opposition within his own party and the continuously growing rift between himself and the top echelon of the APC in the state.
Governor Bindow shot himself in the foot with his disregard towards members of the legacy parties- ACN, CPC and the ANPP.
A situation that aggrieved stakeholders which led the Murtala Nyako group, a formidable force in Adamawa politics to turned to the African Democratic Congress (ADC).
Governor Bindow fails to understand the interplay of interests and the management of such in politics.
His sense of political reasoning is blurred by the illusion that associating with Atiku and constructing any kind of road, secures him a lot and thus, he can abandon party stakeholders.
But now, the bubble has burst.
The duo of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Dr. Mahmood Halilu are giving Bindow a run for his money.
Governor Bindow faces a herculean task in his bid to secure a return ticket.
For the fear of losing the ticket, the governor and his supporters are thus strongly opposed to the APC conducting direct primaries, which will bring them head on against the likes of Nuhu Ribadu and Dr. Modi.
Nuhu Ribadu is coming into the race with clean hands – Nuhu is charismatic, urbane and ‘pure”.
There is no doubt that he enjoys unprecedented support across the state because he is relatively young, incorruptible, well-read, and urbane, with a flawless record.
He also has his integrity to jealously protect.
Nuhu Ribadu perfectly fits into public expectations–a corruption-free government.
With Nuhu as governor, his influence will go beyond Adamawa owing to his international affiliations.
His self confidence and fearless nature, which is borne out of his viable years as head of the EFCC may make him a potential threat to some political bigwigs and they may in turn pressure him to step-down.
Besides, Nuhu may not have the usual political war-chest expected of a typical Nigerian politician and some people accused him of being exclusive.
Dr. Mahmmood Halilu Modi’s entry into the race has generated huge ripples, triggered political alignments and realignments in Adamawa politics.
He is unlike Bindow and Ribadu, who have experience in the game of governorship politics.
He contested, in 2007, for House of Representatives to represent Yola North, Yola South, and Girei Federal Constituency.
Modi is coming to the race with a huge unique advantage- he is controversies free, he is very young and he is a brother to the first lady and an in-law to the president.
Though he comes late into the race and with no experience of governorship politics, his sudden massive support from youths and well-established political associates and a political structure which boasts of a booming followership will attract the attention of Adamawa APC stakeholders who are at loggerheads with Governor Bindow.
Governor Bindow will rely on incumbency and strong war-chest but his one-legged development which focused only on roads construction to the extent that many believed the governor makes massive personal gains from constructing roads, lack of grassroots support, backlog of unpaid salaries and pension, increased poverty rate in the state and his rift with most Adamawa APC stakeholders might be his undoing.
Generally speaking, the Adamawa governorship race is a web of political intrigues.
Whoever wins APC governorship primaries will have to face stiff competition from two strong opponents.
The first is Senator AbdulAziz Nyako, who has already ‘secured’ the ADC ticket and moved on, and the other is whoever Atiku puts forward in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
Atiku owns the body and soul of the PDP.
Atiku may, this time around, alter his usual style of presenting a lackey.
He may present a Christian candidate or someone with strong political background from the central zone.
Zayyad I.
Muhammad, Jimeta, Adamawa state.
08036070980, [email protected]

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