APC rejects Kaduna chairman’s resignation

The national leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) may have rejected the resignation of the chairman of Kaduna Interim Management Committee (IMC), Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed Blueprinthas learnt yesterday.
According to a source who confided in our correspondent, the national secretariat has summoned both Baba Ahmed and the person who was sent by the national leadership to conduct the registration of members in Kaduna state, which commences tomorrow.
Baba Ahmed had earlier disagreed with the arrangement whereby he as the chairman of IMC will work under the official sent from Abuja, as a result he offered to resign last Sunday but the party pleaded with him to help in the registration exercise. Baba Ahmed then offered to give only advice and not to partake in the registration, which would last four days.
The national leadership seem not to be comfortable with this idea and as such, it has summoned both Baba Ahmed and the chairman of the registration exercise in a bid to settle the dispute amicably.
Baba Ahmed resigned his position last Sunday over alleged highhandedness by the party’s national headquarters. This follows a meeting of APC leaders and legislators in Kaduna.
Baba Ahmed wrote in his resignation letter that, “our national leaders have never even acknowledged that we exist or that we are one of the very few states successfully building one united party out of the legacy parties, a task we were assigned by the NEC.”

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