APC Zamfara a sinking ship

It has been observed that popularity rather than credibility has now become the virtue in Nigeria’s democracy. This is simply because the citizens believe that only those in the corridors of power can call the shots.

Politics is said to be a game of number, therefore, only those who have the highest number of supporters can rule whether they are capable or not, while those with less people will be left in the lurch.

It doesn’t matter if there was an agreement in the first place or not, be it written or oral, between Governor Matawalle Maraduna of Zamfara state and the All Progressives Congress, APC, that they’ll make the 2019 state governorship election to be in his favour being the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, flag bearer. 
This is because APC didn’t conduct genuine primary election, and in return, he’ll leave PDP to APC, as Matawalle and his principal officers have taken that path. Instead, my focus is on the appointment of Senator Hassan Nasiha representing Zamfara central to lead the APC in the state as the caretaker chairman.
Alhough I’ve no idea why the presidency and the APC national caretaker chairman, Governor Mai Mala-Buni of Yobe state took that decision, but I’m optimistic that the decision is linked with Matawalle’s court verdict after the 2019 general elections.

Furthermore, it is a fact that Nasiha has never been an APC member talkless of having an insight on how APC functions, but suddenly he is now controlling the APC in Zamfara state.

The APC national caretaker chairman should understand that the party’s ship will sink sooner than later, because it doesn’t have a commander that will control the sailors, and if care is not taken, APC will lose Zamfara state in the upcoming general elections, even though Nasiha is just a caretaker chairman as someone else will takeover the seat after the party’s congress but the earlier the better.

APC supporters and the general public should get it clear that I’m not in anyway envious of the newly appointed APC Zamfara state caretaker chairman, but rather saying how incompetent he’s to lead APC in the state.

As we all know every problem has a solution, so it’s with the APC Zamfara state chairmanship saga.

Moreover, for an organisation to progress regardless of its main objective, those in the corridors of power must sacrifice their personal interest.

If truly Governor Matawalle and his counterpart of Yobe state want APC in Zamfara state to reach its zenith, they must think outside the box and bring someone who has been in the party and is selfless and experienced, one who has represented the party at the national level, to steer the party’s affairs. Only this can stop the APC ship from sinking.
Abubakar Muhammad Sani,Kaduna[email protected]