APC’s change mantra unrealistic- NRM guber candidate

The All Progressives Congress (APC) change mantra was ineffective and deceptive from the onset because of the calibre of persons that drove the vision, according to Surveyor Abubakar Halilu Jimkashi, the National Rescue Movement (NRM) Kano state governorship candidate.
The candidate, who until late 2017 was a chieftain of the ruling party in Kano, said though the change mantra was roundly welcomed across Nigeria because of the prevailing situation, he insisted that it was and would remain unattainable because those surrounding President Muhammadu Buhari were key members of the PDP government that almost ran the economic and indeed the country aground.

He said these elements were only mouthing change because they needed a platform to stay relevant adding they are responsible for the inability of the APC-led federal government to make meaningful inroads in the fight against corruption and provision of basic infrastructure across the country.
“The change concept was an acceptable vision. It was what the people needed. they wanted a change from what was obtainable then to something refreshingly different from the decay that had almost become the norm of our society.

“The people needed real change, but I am sure they are disappointed because nothing has really changed. It is so because those that constitute the President’s change mantra agents do not have his vision. They can’t influence change nor do they in any way represent change.
“There is, therefore, no seriousness as far as effecting the real change is concerned. They are the same set of people that ran the show in the PDP. Merely changing the uniform does not make a new police man.
“They came to the APC with this inherent mentality and though mouthing change have not really changed in whatever way as they are in all ramifications responsible for the failed change mantra of the APC government”, he said noting that Nigerians need real change in attitude and moral precepts.

According to him, he would bring about the much needed change in Katsina State should the electorate give him the mandate to govern come March 16 governorship polls.

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