APGA’ll rescue Nigeria from current epileptic leadership ― Youths

The John Gbor Youths Initiative yesterday in Abuja, expressed optimism that the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) presidential candidate would rescue Nigeria from of its present epileptic leadership saga, when it assumes leadership after the forthcoming presidential poll.

The youth group said the APGA federal administration would equally redirect the country’s destiny towards the path of peace, progress and prosperity.

The group’s Coordinator, Pascal Anyanwu, who lamented that Nigeria has divided along ethno-religious lines more than ever before, said the country needs new crop of leaders.

“It is unfortunate that after over 58 years of independence, we have not only failed to measure up to expectation, we are a disappointment to ourselves. With all the resources and the huge potentials of this great country, Nigeria has underperformed.

“The problem is simply and squarely leadership. The interest and welfare of the people have not been the centrepiece of successive governments,” he added.

According to him, without this new class of leadership the country would fall into a failed state where the entire people would be faced with chaos, anarchy and the possible disintegration.

Further, Anyanwu said the problem of Nigeria was simply due to poor leadership, as the interest and welfare of the people had not been the centrepiece of successive governments.

 “It is on the above background that Nigerian youths from all works of life under the auspices of the Gen. John Gbor Youth Initiative have come together to endorse General John Gbor as the ideal leader that will rescue Nigeria out of the present epileptic leadership and redirect our nation’s destiny towards the path of peace, progress, prosperity and all-round greatness.

“The choice of Gbor as the political messiah that will deliver our nation from the hands of its enemies causing the current socioeconomic problems is not a mere coincidence.”

“Gbor is a thoroughbred retired military leader whose discipline and integrity while in service remains a motivation among his colleagues till date. He is being reckoned as one of the most upright military general in the Nigerian Army before his retirement,” he stressed.

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