Apologise to Nigerians, disclose your ailment, parties tell Buhari

Reactions have began to trail the national broadcast by President Muhammadu Buhari with some leaders of political parties picking holes, saying the President should have apologised to Nigerians in the said broadcast.

President Buhari returned to Nigeria on Saturday after over three months in London for medical attention and subsequently addressed the country in a national broadcast On Monday.

But reacting to the national broadcast by the President, National Chairman of African Democratic Congress (ADC) Chief Okey Nwosu, described the broadcast as “depressing.”

“We have to thank God that our President came back healthy, strong and but I must say that the President’s speech is very depressing. And this goes to show the nature of people around him. When we have to many sycophants who have taken over power, that is what you get.

“For somebody who was out of the country for over one hundred days and you came back to meet the people that you promised so much during your election, you will look at them in the face and say sorry, nature seems to be taking its course, please bear with me and thank Nigerians for their prayers because it is not his will.”

Also reacting in a statement, Alfa Mohammed, the National Publicity Secretary the Social Democratic Party (SDP) described as “worrisome the economic situation of the country.

“We have listened to Mr President’s speech carefully this morning. While we commend Mr President for resolving to address the worrisome  economic situation of the country and invigorate the fight against terrorism and ethic violence, we disagree with mare passing remark by him on the sensitive issue of the wide spread call for the restructuring of the nation particularly in relation to the devolution of more powers to the federating units and the correction of the imminent structural imbalance.

“This issue of restructuring we reason is fundamental to the peace and unity of our great country, and pretending otherwise is like postponing the dooms day. Directing agitators of the nation’s restructure to the council of state or the National Assembly where it was killed during the constitutional review exercise amounts to not appreciating the enormity of neglecting the loud cry of the victims of the status quo.”

Dr Tanko Yunusa, National Chairman, National Conscience Party (NCP) said: “I was one of those who said Mr President should help in declaring the status of his health, not for anything but because Nigerians need to know, so that we will be able to address issues properly, so that the rumour that he was poisoned, he has to dispel that particular rumour.

“And again, Nigerians also remember that Mr President had said he would treat himself at home as against foreign medical trips. Mr President should of course explain to Nigerians why that particular trip had to be abroad, perhaps because of certain exigencies.

“He was talking about security which was one of his campaign promises, but I think it is no more time for words now, it is time for actions. Nigerians have shown love to Mr President and you saw how they came out to welcome him in large numbers. Now is the payback time to Nigerians.

“The people are crying for economic empowerment, security and unification of this country which is paramount because without it we cannot do anything. We are yet to see the decisive actions that would be taken with regards to IPOB and Arewa Youths who seemed at daggers drawn. I think the present has that capacity to do so now.”

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