Appreciating Senator Gumau

With due respect, I want to bring to your notice the bunch of thanks Bauchi South citizens have been saying over the tremendous achievements witnessed since you became a senator.
Since the return of democracy in 1999, no one has ever done remarkably well both in human and capital development in Bauchi South like Senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau.

Within two years of Gumau’s inception of office, he empowered over 3000 women across Bauchi South, each with sewing machine, N10,000-N20,000 cash in his quest to alleviate poverty among Bauchi South populace.
Relentlessly, Gumau secured appointments for over 150 youths in various government ministries and parastatals. This is to ensure Bauchi South youths aren’t left behind in enjoying the dividend of democracy.
However, as the chairman Social Investment Program, Gumau took the advantage and secured over 1850 slots of N-power for Bauchi South populace and over 50 independent monitors. 
The most amazing project executed by the senator was the construction of the 13 blocks of classrooms in the various local government areas of Bauchi South. This is to ensure quality education in the zone.
Gumau distributed over 70 cars to people and over 20 buses to the various religious sects in the zone.He distributed over 50 generators to dry season farmers, aimed at boosting agriculture in Bauchi south.
Thus, Gumau is ever ready to put a smile to the face of Bauchi south populace, as such, another batch of vital capital projects worth millions of naira are under way.
This includes the provision of rural electrification, construction of another 10 blocks of classrooms, two ICT centers, bridges, solar street light in some towns and villages across Bauchi South.

Provision and renovation of solar borehole, securing of more appointments, sewing machines, grinding machines, furnishing of religious domains, distribution of cars, eight ambulances, motorcycles among other equipment, are what the senator is after now..

On this, Bauchi South populace are saying a very big thank you to Senator Gumau for the excellent job he has been doing for his people.We pray and urge you to continue doing the great job to rescue our dear zone from the shackles of poverty..Uzairu Yahaya Sunkuye,Toro, Bauchi state

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