April guest writers’ session spotlights bikers, Mexican literature


The April guest writers’ session of the Abuja Writers Forum, themed “Beyond the Bike” would spotlight the literary side of two bikers and some current trends in contemporary Mexican literature.

A statement by the Forum’s Public relations Officer (PRO), Edith Yassin, said the Mexican representation will be through Ambassador Alejandro Garcia Moreno Elizondo, while Ogbonnaya Kanu and Osisiye Tafa will stand in for the biking community.

According to the statement, “Mr Alejandro Elizondo is a career diplomat. He has been Mexico’s Consul in the Greater Seattle Area of the United States of America, and only recently took up his tour of duty in Nigeria.
“He also presented his letter of credence to the President of the ECOWAS Commission this montBorn in Zambia, raised in Nigeria and Bulgaria and ridden around the world, Ogbonnaya Kanu also known as ‘Fotodadi’ or ‘FD’, is a chemical engineer, avid motorcycle adventurer and mechanical geek.
“His passion for motorcycling keeps taking him to roads untraveled and newer heights.”

The spokesperson further stated that, “In his over ten years of motorcycling, Kanu has ridden motorcycles in over 30 countries of the world, with his motorcycling exploits garnering him recognition both at home and abroad.

“He is the only Nigerian to have participated in the challenge for the Triple Crown Award in the USA, organized by the Southern California Motorcycling Association undergoing three motorcycling tours in the span of five weeks.

“He is the only Nigerian to have ridden from South Africa to Lagos, passing through seven countries. The trip also saw him become the first and only Nigerian member of the Iron Butt Association aka the world’s toughest riders.

“He is also the first and only Nigerian to have ridden from Lagos to Europe and back on a motorcycle, a distance of over 16,000km. The details of his Lagos – Europe Tour are published in his book, FD Breaking Limits: Road to Europe.”
Yassin said, “The second book in the FD Breaking Limits series, Road Home From The South, was launched in May of 2017, and chronicles the details of his adventure ride from South Africa to Lagos.

“Proceeds from the sales of the books, are channelled to a Foundation he co-founded, The Fotodadi Foundation (aka FD Foundation), which awards scholarships to orphansand fatherless children from primary through to first degree level.

“Kanu is currently the highest certified motorcycle instructor in Nigeria, having completedLevels 1 & 2 training at the California Superbike School, UK; Levels 1 & 2 GS, BMW OffRoad Skills, and Lee Parks Total Control course.

“He is also a strong advocate of safe motorcycling practices and is at the forefront of changing the general negative perception of bikers and what they stand for.
“He co-runs the Ride Easy Super Bike Training School in Ikeja and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ride Easy Motorcycling Club.

Kanu is the MD of Seindeo Limited – a company offering water treatment and conditioning services.”

She further stated that, “Osisiye Tafa describes himself as “a mix of acoustics by Rick Rubin, acid house sound, and skanking vocals”.

“He grew up in six states of Nigeria and currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria with his mutt, Simba and two rabbits, Labake and Cardamom. When he is not riding around town on his café racer, he documents the cityscapes in writing on TinyLetter where he chronicles popular culture, city living and opinions.

“His debut novel titled Sixty Percent of a True Story is a work of creative non-fiction which chronicles campus living from the eyes of three undergraduates in the University of Lagos. He also writes on lifestyle and the political economy and has had articles published on The Guardian, Businessday newspapers and Bella Naija.”

Similarly, “Tafa was a participant at the Short Story Day Africa/Goethe Migrations Flow Workshop hosted by Short Story Day Africa and the Goethe Institut in June 2016. Writers were selected from a rigorous process based on writing entries submitted.

“He practices candid photography and themes constantly explored in his work include childhood, friendship, nature, physical form, and biking. He has had a well-received photography exhibition exploring childhood as part of the Goethe Institute FotoParty on Saturday, May 7, 2016 at City Hall, Lagos.

“Tafa loves to organize events which combine art forms like music, dance, food, technology and spoken word poetry, and is currently interested in travel, the subconscious, and spirituality.

“The Guest Writer Session, an initiative of the Abuja Writers Forum, started in June 2008 and holds at the Aso Hall of Nanet Suites. Each edition runs from 4-7pm featuring side attractions of poetry performance, a raffle-draw for books and live music.”

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