Arewa, Yoruba ties: Only a fool will forget

Tinubu and Buhari shake hand while Vice President Yemi Osinbajo watches

History will keep serving as a weapon and golden mirror to wise men which they will use to take a critical look at the past and attack their vicious enemies with. Perhaps, without history many could have been deceived and fooled. 

Actually, I was young when June 12 saga took place, and I don’t really know the rationale behind what IBB did against Yoruba despite knowing Tofa was a core northerner. Until this very odd hour that they maimed and butchered our siblings, I then aptly got the logic, the traitors can do anything to get you entrap and later spill your sacred blood for tribal and ethnic sake. 

Historically, the aftermath of June 12 annulled election against south west (Yoruba) was quite terrible and horrible to anyone that saw or heard the account of the event. As it has been said, many of our Northern folks receive a dirty treatment from the then aggressive Yoruba on that same matter in Lagos, yet nothing tangible has been done to the perpetrators and nothing has been paid to the victims as compensation and nothing has been made as cajolement gesture towards the weak northerners by that moment.

Although, after all these series of un colorful events against Arewa, they also took more than 3 decades calling us all unprintable names ranging from illiterates, beggars, suya sellers, almajiri and the rest just to show how low class downgraded we are. Also, they took all these time parading themselves as intelligence, wise, woke and the rest sumptuous fake titles that make them feel superior and narcissist.

While deep down it hurt us, the negative and abusive stereotype they make against us, we remain calm, patient and non-aggressive through all the time. Still they failed to understand and realize the golden attribute attached to us, being patient and kind-hearted soul amidst chaos is something special that not every Tom and Jerry can afford to except very few with clean hearts. Than God, Arewa are blessed with such marvelous characters. 

And it’s a fact, despite knowing how bad they are treating and maltreating our people living in their main domain we didn’t mind to take it in to consideration not to talk of taking a decisive action as other monsters do in the name of fake self help or self defense.  

Nonetheless we are naturally blessed to be accommodating, peace lovers, unity promoters and love trading men unlike our monstrous counterpart who are mainly trained to be hate mongering agents, Peace destroyers and disunity agents. For its obvious only in the North a foreigner will own a house, a shop and a wife without being intimidated or discriminated. They make foreigners’ businesses thrive and they mingle with them friendly in both social and religious occasions.

And this is to say Arewa is the finest, coolest and fair atmospheric region among Nigerian regions that offers special chance to all, it gives everyone joy and it makes everyone develop intrinsically and extrinsically. Arewa creates a special room for all to thrive educationally despite challenges it has been facing. Yet the enemies of progress never realise that, all they see in the North are enemies.

Above all, we embrace them as our other parts, we see them as brothers and sisters, we pamper them like our lovable child, we honour them as our special guest, thrill them with all we have like our last hope but sadly this is the price we deserve after paying them all these colorful habits. 

The Shasha Saga of 13 Feb, 21 will forever be in our hearts because there is none with sound reasoning capacity that will forget such gruesome killing and massive genocide against the innocent northerners in Oyo. We will write this in our history books/diary and save it in a safer place for future purpose, and our kids will rise and see the bloody image of their fathers, brothers, sisters, uncle and aunties being maimed by the so called intelligent Yoruba militia group. 

The North will forever bear it mind that holding a foreigner with high esteem, respect and regard has it own negative factor to their lives for its now crystal clear ” The one you madly love and worship today, is the one who will mercilessly kill you and burn your corpse someday ” as they hurtful images got vindictive today against the mighty peaceful north.

Posterity will surely have a glimpse of all the unprecedented events and it would succinctly judge us accordingly. Meanwhile the political alliance between Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba will keep experiencing a gargantuan setback as one side is often craving a chance to molest the other and makes it extremely weak socially and politically.

Finally, I want to tell you one thing. The North will forever remember all these black incidences and we shall use the insipid narratives to knock you down when election time come and when you come to our doors seeking our support against other regions whom you have a grudges with. May North prosper! 

May Nigeria succeed!!

Abdulrahman Yunusa,


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