Armed Forces Remembrance Day: Unity group drums up support for military

Chief of Defence Staff General Leo Irabor

As Nigeria marks the 2022 Armed Forces Remembrance Day to pay tribute to fallen heroes, veterans and serving soldiers, a non-partisan group, the Unity Advocacy Group (UAG), has urged Nigerians to support the military at this critical time in our nation’s history to end all forms of insecurity.

UAG while commending personnel of the military for their sacrifices over the years said the Armed Forces of Nigeria (AFN) has remained a binding force uniting the country.

The group also noted that the Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebrated every January 15 should be a time of sober reflection on the part of the citizens on the need to build a just and equitable society devoid of conflict.

In a press release signed by its convener Ifeanyi Aigbedion on Friday, UAG noted that sacrifices of the AFN cannot be quantified.

The group commended the present leadership of the AFN saying they have been able to significantly curtail the activities of insurgents in the North-East, while putting bandits in the North-West under pressure.

The statement reads in part:  “We want to commend the Armed Forces of Nigeria for its subordination to civil rule; and ensuring that democracy has come to stay.

“As we commemorate the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, it should be a period of sober reflection, especially for those who want to continue to benefit from the present security challenges in the country.

“UAG urges all those perpetrating all forms of criminality to have a rethink, change their ways and think of how to contribute to national development.

“The country has lost a lot in terms of finance, material and human resources in prosecuting the war against insurgency, banditry etc. We must not continue this way.

“This is the time for Patriots to join the Armed Forces of Nigeria under the leadership of Gen. LEO Irabor to restore peace and stability in our country”.

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