Artiste with over 100k followers making waves in bigheart


Musical Artist and Jogodo crooner, Reuben Udu John, is one entertainer whose rise to stardom is not surprising.

The Bigheartofficiall Boss has expressed appreciation to his fans after hitting over 100 thousand followers on Instagram.

“My hit songs have thrilled our fans, and I am expressing happiness for the journey so far in our musical career.

“There are times you put in efforts to do a single, and your fans will not like the song, what it means is that, you shouldn’t be discouraged.

“I’ve put in great efforts in pushing my singles, so, when I see the followership, I’m always not surprised at it.

“It’s a deserved followership, and we can only show gratitude and build on our fan base, through dedication and investment of time and resources to our job.

“Bigheart is a platform we have used to promote our music, and we’re proud of where we’ve come from, and where we’re headed,” Reuben said.

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