As Amotekun crossed the line of action…

Sadly, on Sunday, January 11, the nation woke up to the news of the brutal killing of three Fulani , including a father and his two sons by members of the Southwest agency, Amotekun, in Oyo state.

Recently, the whole nation particularly the Southwest region was on fire over the right infringement by some members of the State Anti-robbery Squad, SARS, demanding the federal government to scrap the unit due to brutality.

So, if brutality was the main reason the whole nation was demanding the scrap of SARS, Amotekun also needs to be scrapped. This is just the beginning of the agency’s operation, but look at the outcome. That means if Amotekun stays longer, only God knows what will happen in as they started with sentiment, religion and ethnicity.

The point of here is, prior to Amotekun, a lot of uncertain events came up including pressure on the government to approve the agency’s operation. Protests of different nature were carried out all in the name of Amotekun which they thought would allow peace to reign in the zone but now, does this resemble peace keeping?

The gruesome act is condemnable, to me that was the reason I am not in of policing because of these kind issues, I knew sentiment will be given a room to exist; the minority will suffer the most as a , I meant the police will never allow the minority a breathing space.

The point is if Fulani people were the majority in Oyo state such a thing would never happen. Therefore, at this point in time, the government should understand that policing is nothing but a means of disintegrating the nation.

How would “Amotekun” just kill people and partly destroy their village without reason and even if there is why can’t “Amotekun” do justice for the victims because all I know is the agency emerged to secure lives and property and not to infringe people’s rights.

Conclusively, I can’t keep my pen without demanding justice to the victims: therefore, the government should do something urgently to avoid further occurrence because the more the culprits go unpunished the more such events will occur. However, as the agency comes to stay, the mode of their operation needs to change, I mean it should be based on zero ethnicity and sentiment, let them take away all prejudices.

Finally, as we pray for peace always, I’m begging Amotekun to consider the principles of tolerance, peace and harmony, just work to save life and not to lose.

Ukasha Rabiu Magama,

Toro LGA, state

[email protected]

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