As Northern group honours Namdang…

That the Northern Youth Advocacy for Excellence 2021 Icon of Integrity Award was bestowed on Dr Nanman Gadi Namdang, Comptroller (Medical), Customs Hospital, Karu, Abuja is no longer news. The awardee to many minds is deserving of the prestigious award and the choice of the organisers is quite apt as it is a radical departure from the past when people undeserving are bestowed with awards to the consternation of the general public.

The patriotic gesture of the organisers of the award is highly commendable as the excellence award ceremony is an outgrowth of the group’s policy in honouring deserving personalities in the country who have exceptionally by their performances or activities shown the zeal for excellence in their daily and professional callings and thereby added value to the developmental yearnings of the country.

The 2021 excellence award bestowed on Dr. Namdang underscores the importance of the encouragement deserving awardees give to young people from their daily endeavours. This is, truly, a venture into making excellence and professionalism part of our daily lives in the country, which is, to say the least, highly commendable.

The focus of the Northern Youth Advocacy for Excellence Award frequently reminds us all of the power of every individual to effect positive change as sometimes the empowerment of people to help themselves is the most important thing we can do for humanity, thus, this virtue qualified the Dr Namdang to win this all important award.

The significance of the award by the youth group to Namdang is the belief by the youth today that we all have the power to be soldiers for excellence. It is also a wake up call to all citizens to use their talents to effect positive change in society as this will have multiplier positive effects in the country and even the world at large.

The award, which is billed to be an annual event by the Northern group, is a recognition of individuals or groups who have made deliberate effort in advancing the cause for excellence in the country, thereby serving as role models for our teeming youth. It is, indeed, a welcome development.

At the award ceremony, people from all shades of opinion in the country lent their voices in support of the efforts to encourage excellence and emphasise the message that excellence is key to socio-economic and political development of any society.

Dr. Namdang’s innovative approach and personal integrity have consistently shown that the role personal integrity plays in the promotion of excellence and professionalism by individuals in their little corners cannot be over-emphasised. Nanman’s approach is rooted in the belief that every human being has a fundamental right to human dignity in his place of work. His philosophical approach got its start with his development of a set of shared belief about the importance of achieving excellence through personal integrity culminating in his work ethics that everyone should be free from discrimination and injustice. This virtues of has has today made the Customs hospitals to be among the best run hospitals in the country.

The prestigious award is a very special and innovative development by the Northern youth group and it is the group’s recognition of all those who work for excellence through personal integrity in small places around the country. Namdang was recognised for his efforts to make his small corner of work excel and improve health and wellness in his work place. This award is significantly a call to action emphasised. We commend Dr. Namdang for his service to our nation and the greater humanity and to the audience we say go forth and make and excellent impact through personal integrity.

On behalf of the Northern Youth Advocacy for Excellence, I congratulate you Sir Dr. Nanmang Gadi Namdang on your award as the ICON OF INTEGRITY. The responsibility of building a culture of integrity, hope and its susteinance among the youth, who are the future and leaders of tomorrow, now lie on your shoulders.

We urge you to always bear in mind that this award is a call to duty as you are now seen as the yardstick for measuring the distance personal integrity can take in achieving one’s ambition. The attention of the million of youths in the country are now on you as you are now with this award a role model due to the integrity you brought to bear in your day to day endeavours.

We advise that you seize this moment of glory to build bridges of hope through integrity by contributing your own quota through personal example in entrenching the culture of integrity whose importance cannot be overemphasided.That is a basic demand from you with this award.

We, as a youth group focused on moulding the future of the youth, thank you for being a continuous baston of hope to the youth who yearn for people of integrity that they can emulate as role models.

This will contribute to the building of the culture of hardwork, love, fairness and justice in the country. Your journey to this award is a divine one, so we implore you to use this award to do more good for humanity and pursue the development of the youth to write your name in gold.Those who have the opportunity of working with you have attested that you will live up to the expectation of the youth as we work together towards a united and prosperous Nigeria.

The Northern Youth Advocacy for Excellence is proud of you because you have remained consistent as a man of vision and considerable capacity, traits you generously put to use while serving as a key member of the Customs medical department. You have shown examplary leadership, significant achievements and broken records, especially within the department’s umprecedented achievements. We urge you to deploy more astute managerial skill to ensure that the positive impact of your developmental initiatives is also felt among the youth.

Once more, congratulations.

Wada, Coordinator, Northern Youth Advocacy for Excellence, writes from Abuja

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