As pressure mounts on Dikwa to take over OAuGF…

A golden fish has no hiding place, so hypothesised an African adage. However, in view of the high rate of man to man’s inhumanity and negative advancement across the globe, some personalities may decide to go into oblivion. This is not really because they prefer self-isolations, or see themselves as better than of others, but then like I said earlier it could be because, they feel they have given their best in every human perspective to better the larger society.

 In addition, they may decide to stay away from public glare either to take good care of their health, face their private businesses, take good care of their family or even decide to completely stay away from the public to have enough time to reflect on their life and exploits. 

The foregoing assertions best describes the lifestyle of Alhaji Muhammed Kyari Dikwa PhD, ICAN, Mni, a leading financial expert in the Public Financial Management (PFM) reforms in Nigeria’s public sector. Writing about Dr Muhammed Kyari Dikwa could be a herculean task. 

This is very true because, it is all about a man who for many years has been putting the welfare of others in advance of his own, a man who has given all within his reach both academically, administratively, religiously, philanthropically and above all trustworthiness, irrespective of ethnicity, political attachments and parental background to better the society around him.

 This is why most financial experts and Nigerians across borders were unanimous that as the search for a competent hand to pilot the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation (OAuGF) is ongoing, the academic guru and thorough bred accountant with vast knowledge and experience in auditing, should be appointed as substantive Auditor General of the Federation to head Nigeria’s Audit House. 

Well, a good public affairs analyst may be very correct to say that everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. However, a very sensitive office as that of the OAuGF cannot be given to just anyone based on ethnicity, religious sentiment, or political affiliation. Of course, a position as sensitive as OAuGF should be given to a person of impeccable character with practical evidence in human management, accounting, auditing and administration. 

So, based on my in-depth research regarding the vacant position of the Office of the Auditor General of the Federation, I discovered that whoever should take over the leadership of the OAuGF, should in all ramifications possess good qualities that can guarantee a vibrant economy for Nigeria in view of her present economic doldrums. 

Unequivocally, Dikwa possesses whatever qualities that may be highlighted. I can boldly say so because, he is a national and, an international technocrat with professional experiences that have transcended over three decades. Dikwa bagged a doctorate degree in Accounting and Finance, a master’s degree in Finance and bachelor of science degree in Accountancy. 

MK Dikwa is an alumnus of Course 34 of 2012 of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) Kuru, near Jos, the Plateau state capital. He is also a certificate holder in Public Financial Management Reforms, Leadership and Governance Programme, High Performance Leadership Programme and Treasury Management from the prestigious Harvard University, USA, University of Cambridge, Oxford University, as well as Thames Valley University, United Kingdom.

 I can go on and on, but suffice to say that Dikwa, a former accountant general of Borno state, director of funds office of the Accountant General of the Federal as well as acting Accountant General of the Federation, PICA secretary and later, permanent secretary Federal Ministry of Finance where he retired honourably in 2020, was awarded certificate in Advance Corporate Finance from the Business School for the World in France. He is a chartered accountant and a member of different financial bodies.

It will be of great interest for every Nigerian especially those gunning to become Auditor General of the Federation to note that internal auditors are a crucial pillar of good governance, risk management and control in every organisation. Obviously, our dear country, Nigeria, is going through a lot economically. So, different people with different ulterior motives will definitely put in their applications for the exalted office.

Nevertheless, I want them to please consider the general wellbeing of Nigeria ahead of whatever ulterior interest they may have. This may be true because, when we begin to get things right in Nigeria through professional and incorruptible auditing, we will definitely be on the speed lane of development like the developed countries. 

So, now that the world has become a global village, research shows that to get a good auditor general, we should place more emphasis on soft skills which on daily basis are becoming more widely recognised as very essential to internal audits overall performance. 

This is true because, as the internal audit functions continue to evolve at a rate of knots, so too does the spectrum of necessary skills and characteristics that determine professional success are highly required to pilot Nigeria’s Audit House at this crucial time. This is why a well-trained technocrat like Dr Muhammed Kyari Dikwa should be without much ado be appointed to fill in the vacant post of OAuGF. 

Although, individual auditing styles may vary, there’s no doubt that the unique and versatile skill of internal auditors or any auditor that will be appointed as the Nigeria’s next auditor general will indeed be critical in driving improvements that will definitely help the Nigerian government, especially the President Muhammadu Buhari government, to succeed. So, before they choose the next Auditor General of the Federation, I want them to please consider the following qualities as fished out in the course of my research.

Ironically, Alhaji Muhammed Kyari Dikwa, who financial experts and Nigerians across board are mounting intense pressure on to put forward his application, not only possesses the qualities, but in all standard overshoots the qualities that are going to be highlighted briefly below.

The fundamental quality that the next 

Auditor General of the Federation should should possess is integrity. This is true because, Nigeria’s next Auditor General should be someone who has the ability to objectively analyse, advice and influence behaviours that can be of great advantage to the development of Nigeria by ensuring transparency. He should possess the quality of effective communications. 

He or she should be someone that can give meticulous reportage regarding the auditing of any organisation in Nigeria. The next auditor should also possess the quality of being familiar with the modern day technology, building collaborative relationships, always learning to improve on his or her work to enable understandable and profitable data analysis which can ensure problem solving through innovations. 

The nation’s next auditor general must imbibe the culture of team work, by creating conducive environment that can easily foster good relationship among the staff so that together they can build a workable and corruption free Nigeria that other countries can emulate. Like I said earlier, Dr. Muhammed Kyari Dikwa possesses all these qualities and more. 

Thus, in case he hearkens to the clarion calls from Nigerians who are familiar with his technical knowhow regarding auditing and accounting, no doubt Nigeria will join the league of developed countries – he will apply his knowledge to transform Nigeria through meticulous auditing.

Ogbe, a public affairs analyst, writes from Otukpa, Benue state.

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