As Sultan celebrates Ibrahim Idris…

There was no way to believe that a poor young lad in the mould of Ibro, as he is fondly called, could alter history.The view that certain class of men could and would never aspire as long as their dreams can take them has been defied and that is the lesson today as we celebrate Alhaji Ibrahim Idris on his birthday.
This year’s celebration was quite significant in many respects as our amiable Ibro was also conferred with the prestigious title of Jakadan Sokoto in appreciation of his many achievements in the Sokoto business environment by the Sultan of Sokoto.
On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, Ibro gained an additional year of a life distinguished by humane principles, refined values and remarkable achievements.

Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, a Nigerian politician and former two- term governor of Kogi state, has several distinctive qualities, including his goodness of character and uncommon political philosophy of value addition. 
As a political leader, the former governor has through his commitment advanced causes that seek to uplift human happiness. His awesome prowess in influencing the context in which development could be evolved and sustained was vividly demonstrated during his stewardship as executive governor of Kogi state in 2003 -2012. His voice of reckoning, stands him out as a dependable ally of the common people. For all that Ibro signifies both as a person and a political figure, his birthday remains symbolic. To be honest, I don’t think birthday is such a big deal for the amiable former governor for it is not known exactly when he was in the news over a birthday bash despite his verve and vivacity. In a general sense, birthdays whether hugely celebrated, solemnly marked or ignored give one the picture of a life. As often said, a birthday means a different thing to different people.
Birthdays carry several and varied connotations but all are emotionally based. It is reminiscent of the day that one is delivered into a whole new world of wonder and uncertainties, the tides and storms of human existence.
However, we regard a birthday, birthdays are important in our lives as it either rekindles the flames of our aspiration, or refocuses our gaze into the deep and wide horizon of life. By and large, a birthday is truly measured on the basis of the impacts the life it bears makes in a society. Ibro’s  birthday is a day that bore a life of positive impacts for he is not only a great man but a good man whose dedication to service is exceptionally outstanding. Ibro is one man who in both his personal and public life is relentlessly committed to finding innovative solutions to the most difficult challenges of the day. He has ever passionately fought for the causes of the people of his state of Kogi and the vast majority of vulnerable Nigerians. 

He has sponsored many people that ensures the welfare of Nigerians as enshrined in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) manifestoes. In an era of change where prudence and probity are the rule of engagement, the former governor is providing a principled leadership on his business which he chairs. Ibro used his skills and talents in forging consensus and reaching compromise without sacrificing his core values. Ibrahim Idris is, indeed, a man of value. In 2012, he supported and was a crucial factor in the emergence of Captain Idris Wada as the PDP governorship candidate and his eventual victory in the governorship electionin Kogi state. The former governor has business interests that chiefly cover furniture, agriculture, education and hotels. A recipient of several professional and meritorious awards, including being the most Distinguished Governor of Year 2007, a deserving honour done him by Leadership Newspapers, Ibro has attracted an impressive array of direct impact projects to his people of Kogi state. These include good roads, housing projects, employment opportunity, security, prompt payment of WAEC fees, healthcare centres, boreholes, electrical infrastructure, etc. Needless to say, for his wit, effervescence and ambitious focus, Ibro must have somehow managed to attract to himself a score of cretinous political foes. In the politics of Nigeria today, Ibro is a subject. Many great works-words have been done to eulogise the personality of the man that rose to the peak of his callings on self belief, sagacity, decorum, vision and a divinely mobilised force beyond human comprehension. I mean God is involved with Ibro like my popular slogan.

Only a few men get lucky enough to have their lives being celebrated while they are alive. But for some of these men, it is more than luck. They are simply so great that the world cannot wait till they are gone to have them celebrated. Ibro is one of those few men.
Ibro is one man whose life and legacy in business and politics continue to be a source of attraction to many. To many, he is a leader, a mentor and an inspiration who they have learnt a lot from his leadership style.
Ibro is one man who has ensured that Kogi state becomes relevant in the political permutations at the federal level. His doggedness saw to the rebuilding of the progressive in the state and it dawned on many that Kogi state has unearthed a true leader they needed. Wondering why he is loved and idolised by millions of his followers? He defines his leadership by the numbers of people he has empowered.

This is what true leaders do. The culture of sacrifice, loyalty and compromise for common good and selflessness is why Ibro is not only relevant but pivotal to the politics of Nigeria today. This is why he is one of the biggest icons of modern democracy not only in Kogi state but the whole of Nigeria.The Kogi state former helmsman is neither corrupt nor arbitrary. 
He has always been accountable to the people in all capacities he has held sway. Today that clientism and patronage is the hallmark of governance in Nigeria, Ibro abhors it and has never allowed falsehood and political chicanery.
Ibro is not a brand made for greed. Whatever Ibro owns is always for public service, even his personal residence belongs to the people -where the rich and the poor often visit for their respective intents. 
The greatness of Ibro transcends his politics and that is significant. He is an influencer, a leadership institution, he is a school of thought, a multiplier of values, a political cum administrative hunter of talents.
Ibro belongs to me, to you, and to everyone. His ideology, beliefs,and associations can be publicly identified. He is an open book as far as leadership is concerned. 

Yet, Ibro is an independent chapter of a voluminous epistle of life. To many, his words have become a political quaran not just for his followers but to all political class in our country. His finest qualities lie in his ability to quickly forgive and sacrifice. No wonder, Ibro was the longest serving governor of Kogi state but sacrificed for the peace, stability and harmony of the state.

 As a leader, Ibro’s personality is so influential that he connects even with the people he has never met, because from afar you can smell the leadership qualities that he exudes. 
Ibro beams light of hope to the aspirations of the common people and impacts their dreams, and that personality begins to serve as pathway to achieving unthinkable goals by anyone directly or remotely connected to his leadership ideology and practices.
Ibro, in his generosity and inclusive leadership style, is a man that belongs to anyone who believes in his cause and ideology. Generally, his influence is magnetic and impactful.
Wada writes from Abuja via m[email protected], 08118106424

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