As the 2023 elections draw near…

The mouth-watering 2023 general elections are fast approaching and almost all big bloody political demagogues are busy coming out from their cocoon seeking yet another brand new opportunity to continue embezzling public funds. Reports indicate that, ahead of the upcoming party primaries, all major hotels in Abuja and environs have been booked for jobless hooligans and miscreants who are ever ready for their shinanigan activities.

The incessant rancour among top political actors from diverse political parties has helped the poor masses to understand them very well as they keep exposing the wrongdoings of their counterparts which shows their incapacity in vying for any political office.

More often than not, deep down, some aspirants know exactly that they don’t have the requisite capacity to take full responsibility for the leadership role they are vying for but because they have a huge amount of stolen money to waste and with the high number of sycophants calling them names like his excellency, distinguished and honourable, they insist on contesting.

The high number of those jostling for political offices in the various political parties is alarming. It is surprising that these characters have been preparing for it all this while. The poor masses too out of ignorance keep making noise but only to collect chicken change and vote for the same people again.

Unfortunately, for the youth, those at the helm of the nation’s affairs don’t see us as the future of the country. This is why there is plan to groom us to be where we dream to be tomorrow. Consequently, no school for us because of the incessant strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU. The union’s debacle with the federal government has forced students to stay at home for over three months. Besides, even those that managed to graduate there are no jobs available, they are roaming the street in search of greener pasture to no avail. With the current state of things are we even supposed to partake in any political activity, talk more of involving ourselves in political thuggery and other things that will ruin our lives/

Also, the unfortunate and perturbing activities of armed bandits, kidnappers, Boko Haram, and other criminal activities persist and as a result, a great number of innocent and unarmed people being killed and maimed for no reason.

Regrettably, our fragile democratic system will continue suffering until we vote for candidates with a good pedigree, track record, and capacity to lead with honesty and a high sense of responsibility. Some of them out of ignorance, inordinate quest for power, greed, and moral bankruptcy are busy abusing and exposing each other.

Thus, visionary, altruistic, and above all God-fearing individuals, irrespective of religion, region, tribe, or political party, must be voted into power to save us from the current shambles and uncertainty this country is experiencing. We should also note that the development of our political system is our collective responsibility. Therefore, it is high time we embraced political collectivism, and avoid nepotism, tribalism, and regionalism, if not the above-mentioned issues will continue to threaten the political system which is detrimental to the larger society.

Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng,
Department of Mass Communication,
University of Maiduguri.