As the year runs out

Last week, a colleague drew my attention to one of my reflections on happenings around us. The parley afforded me an opportunity to revisit a number of issues that I had talked about. I keep wondering when we would get it right in this part of the world. Honestly, it is a harrowing experience living in this land, where there are no jobs, no light and no food. To have a sound sleep at night would definitely be a problem for any normal human being. Apart from the noise from our ever busy roads and our impatience and the associate confusion, men of the underworld are always on the prowl.

Many vehicles are off-the-road. The few that are plying my route are charging exorbitant fares. The cost of fuelling their vehicles is unbearable even though fuel is now available to buy. Do I blame transporters? I can’t walk either, as my stomach is empty and I don’t have the strength to trek to my destination. I’ll rather sleep in my house than die walking on the streets. Why are we in this pitiable state? What annoys me the more is that a nation like ours that is blessed with abundant natural resources continues to suffer in the midst of plenty. Where did we get it wrong? Are we ever going to get it right? I can’t imagine the magnitude of killings going on in various parts of the country. One is not even sure of who is responsible.

At times, we blame the foreigners infiltrating our porous borders. But how do we explain a situation whereby a place of worship and the worshippers become targets? Is that a fight over farmland or something else? Unmasking these wicked souls has become an almost impossible task even for those that should be able to do so under a normal system. I only pity those living around those areas that are prone to such attacks. It is here that I see people moving away from their places of abode to unknown destinations and nobody cares to salvage the situation.

Another problem with our people is their high level of impatience. You can see this in every aspect of their lives whether on the roads, in the market place, religious worship ground and while sleeping, because they are always restless. I have never seen the kind of people that are too impatient like us. We are always in a hurry. No wonder people have clamoured for the return of the brigade to force fellow citizens to be civil, as if they are angels that would perform magic. Though, our law enforcement agents seem to be doing their best to control the lawlessness and insecurity in the land within the available resources, at times, they don’t help matters because they also join the fray in what they do to the people.

Anyway, it seems we are gradually moving forward, but slowly. On getting some of our resources back, those doing that for us appear to be committed. But what I don’t like in the whole ongoing fight against corruption is that we have not been able to say, this is how much we have received of the stolen wealth, what we should do with it, so that people can start coming out of this suffering, which has reached its peak. At least, there should be massive injection of funds into programmes that would provide jobs, boost food production and ensure security of lives and property. Provision of these basic needs should give our leaders great concern before things become terribly irreversible. But come to think of it, should we continue to blame the man at the top for this mess we have found ourselves in? Should we?

Infact, it is difficult to know the difference between those working and the unemployed. That is why I’m finding it difficult to trek to my house. I’m hungry. I don’t have the energy to walk this long distance. There’s no food at home. I’m not sure of when next I’m eating as the little resources that I’ve got also go to others. I wish I didn’t have to go out at all. But then, will food ever come staying at home? Going out does not make any difference either. There’s simply nothing for me to do. It’s getting to the end of the year; more commitments are on the way. I’m confused.

As the year runs out, we really need to look for how to survive. What should keep us together and beyond would depend on how the affairs of this place are governed. We should be more interested than ever before to be sure that only those that would change our fortunes are made to pilot affairs. I also hope that we would not make the mistake of reaping from the pittance of the present to jeopardise the future. After digesting the discourse, he agreed that we truly need to think over the issues. Hope to continue discussing with the colleague when he comes back from his Christmas break!

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