Association distributes food items to 400 Muslims in Kaduna

Association of Muslim Intellectuals of (AMIN) has distributed to 400 indigent Muslims in state to alleviate and provide them food to break their fast (Iftar).
The distributed in packs consist of basic food needs such as beans, maize, millet, sugar and salt. The 11th edition of the annual Ramadan food distribution is supported by Dangote Foundation.

Speaking during the 2021 annual Ramadan food distribution at New Ungwan Muazu, National Ameer of Association of Muslim Intellectuals of , Alhaji Auwal Junaid Lawal, said the food is distributed annually during Ramadan to address the hunger in the family of the benefitting Muslims.

“We annually distribute food to indigent Muslims during Ramadan, this is the 11th edition with the major support of Dangote Foundation. We come here to our national secretariat annually to distribute food to address the hunger in the land. This being our secretariat, we decide to flag it off here. 
“We targeted 400 people male and female adults, the package of is between N1,200 and N1,400. Each package include that they can use to break their fast; maize for tuwo, beans, sugar to sweeten their pap and salt for cooking the foods. 

“We appeal to other philanthropists to join AMIN and support us to alleviate in many more families. If we have more we would do more. Some of the people are agitated because they came late and did not get, as it is based on first come first serve but if we have more support more people will get,” he said.

Speaking on the free , one of the , Malam Ibrahim Nasir, expressed appreciation to AMIN and Dangote Foundation. 
“We have collected the food items that they used to distribute to us every year. This year we got beans, maize, sugar and salt. This would assist me in feeding my family. 
“Before they came we were wondering if they will come this year because of the situation but we thank God that they came today. We pray that Allah will continue to bless them so that they can increase the quantity, number and variety of the items because it helps us greatly every year during Ramadan,” he said.

Another , Mrs Zainab Ibrahim thanked AMIN and Dangote Foundation, saying, “we came here to collect the annual Ramadan food items distributed by these people. We thank Dangote Foundation and AMIN. The food item will help my family very we’ll now that food items are so expensive in the . I will cook the food items for my family yo eat.”
For Madam Idayat AbdulRazak, the food items will help sustain her family during the Ramadan.

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