At 78, man suffers heart attack, one week after becoming dad

Seventy eight-year-old Erramatti Mangayamma and her 78-year-old husband Raja Rao, are currently admitted in intensive care units a week after they had their twin girls.

As reported by Yahoo, Rao had collapsed from a heart attack and was taken into intensive care in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

His wife has also remained in intensive care since the delivery.

It may be recalled that the couple successfully delivered twin girls on September 5th, 57 years after they had been married.

The pair tried to conceive throughout their marriage until they successfully underwent IVF treatment at Ahalya Hospital last year.

“Due to the grace of God and doctors, I am the proud father of two baby girls,” Rao had announced, hours after his wife was hailed as the world’s oldest new mother following the IVF treatment.

The twins are said to be doing well and are staying with the couple’s relatives.

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