Atiku as panacea for Nigeria’s problems

Atiku Abubakar

It is a fact that experience is the best teacher, a fact that no one will deny crediting Atiku Abubakar with, he’ll be the best option to fill the number one exalted position in the country. His rich profile in public and private services to the nation and the populace is no doubt a stepping stone to be considered when looking for the right candidate to make Nigerians smile after giving up on the state of quagmire the country is at the moment.

Atiku Abubakar once said, “Nigeria is the only country we have, we must therefore put more effort to salvage it with all sense of humility and patriotism, and Nigerians deserve a competent and godly person that can actualise the dreams and lofty objectives of its founding fathers”. These set of words, perfectly define a sense at its base and maturity and wisdom to ridging the spirit of patriotism.

It is on record that despite having served as a Customs officer rising to the position of vice president of Nigeria for two terms of eight years, Atiku Abubakar remains one of the most incorruptible politicians in Nigeria, This is the reason many Nigerians look up to him as a role model and the perfect man to change the rot in Nigeria in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election.

It is on record that Atiku/Obasanjo led one of the most economically viable government in the history of Nigeria. The government had a good plan for both large and small medium enterprises; the inflation rate was 2% annually on both imported and exported goods. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had a good managerial system of currency valuation, less corruption in public service, productive civil service and stringent measures in service delivery.

Atiku is on record to be the brain behind the successes of the Obasanjo’s inclusive government. His deployment of his wisdom and steadfastness to create more dependable chances helped in reducing the number of unemployed graduates roaming the streets of Nigeria, youths were supported and engaged in various schemes (based on individual knowledge). It was the reason many Nigerians saw him as a messiah to correct the unfortunate style of governance of the day. For instance, over 60 private businesses were established to accommodate citizens, especially the needy who had giveng up getting any opportunity to harness their potential.
In one of his speeches on the rationale for establishing his businesses nationwide, he said it is to independently encourage wealthy individuals to emulate the same gesture to support the youths in the country, so that social vices would be drastically reduced.

Affirming the secularism of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar stands as the only leader in the country who married from major tribes of Nigeria. This is why people call him Mr Nigeria, his investments spread across most cities in the country. They include Intel in Port Harcourt, Atiku Farms, Abti American University in Yola his home town, Gotel with wide circulation nationwide, first class restaurants in major cities of Nigeria, micro finance financial institutions, etc.

At the moment, Nigeria needs an experienced person with robust plan to make a difference in governance and leadership. Unarguably, of all the presidential aspirants in Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar remains the candidate with such desirable qualities to take the country to the comity of nations. The book titled ‘My Plans for Nigeria” is not only rich in bulk but also rich in sense and commitment for better days that await Nigerians. It was the.architecture of the founding fathers whose vision is to affirm the greatness of the country that somewhat remains unfulfilled.

As part of his unalloyed concerns about the increasing spate of restiveness among youths and women as a result of high level of unemployment, the Wazirin Adamawa employed his wealth of entrepreneurship to wipe out endemic poverty. Atiku Abubakar is now the largest private employer in Nigeria which is unrivalled by any single private investor, to some extent better than many state governments that have less than 50,000 employers.

Being an allure of compassion, the Wazirin Adamawa has invested heavily in the media, shipping, education and other sectors, which engage over 60,000 citizens across the country.
Umar Usman Duguri,

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