Atiku coming in spirit of Yar’Adua – Bishop Joseph 

The national coordinator of Door to Door Grassroots Christian Campaign for Atiku, Bishop Dr Stanley Joseph, has said the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, would take over the affairs of the country and perform in the spirit of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua.

Bishop Joseph stated this in Calabar weekend while inaugurating the state and local government coordinators of the group. He said Nigeria should expect a socio-economic turnaround when the PDP flag bearer wins the 2023 polls.

He said: “Nigeria has come to another cross road again, looking for a leader that will take her to her promised land. We were going out of Egypt when suddenly All Progressives Congress (APC) took us back to Egypt but God, in his infinity mercy, has heard the cry of his people and has decided to bring Alhaji Atiku to take us to the Promised Land.

“It is God who chooses whom he will use after his own heart. If not for the demise of former President Yar’Adua, by now, Nigeria would have been like Dubai. Permit me to say that Alhaji Atiku is coming in the spirit of Yar ‘Adua. He will take us to the Promised Land.

“Some people are shouting Peter Obi, some are shouting Bola Tinubu, but I have told people that I don’t do sentimental, tribal, regional or prophecy politics. Politics is pure calculation and reality, coupled with structures.

“As a bishop, some people have asked me why I am involved in politics. My response has always been that I have an ecclesiastical and political mandate, and that there are prophets that God calls to point at, not prophecy, but to point at who will take the place of leadership par time by the person’s pedigree and antecedent and capacity, which Atiku has. The Atiku that I know is a father, a leader and a philanthropist.”

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