Atiku, magic wand of Nigeria’s politics

One recalls when Alhaji Atiku Abubakar was vice president of Nigeria from 1999 – 2007. He contributed immensely to the socio-economic and political development of Nigeria. Of course, this astute politician is never one with a vulgar language like many others.

A man of justice, Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for the 2023 elections, has the best political structure in the federation. This is evident given the manner he scaled through the PDP presidential primary election in March this year.

His election to chart the course of justice come 2023, indicated that the Waziri of Adamawa is equal to the task, as he is not a new hand for the onerous responsibility of governing Nigeria.

Nigerians from all sections, irrespective of tribe or party affiliation, will in 2023 vote for a person of integrity to oversee the affairs of the country with humility and sincerity of purpose. It has been insinuated that the Atiku Abubakar will ascend the-exalted-throne to enrich himself.

To the contrary, Almighty Allah has blessed him. Having been born with a silver spoon, Atiku Abubakar’s ambition is to bring his wealth of experience to bear in improving the lots of the generality of Nigerians economically, socially and politically.

It is, therefore, high time we gave this gentleman the chance to rule Nigeria, which is at brink of a failed state. Nigeria needs people who know and believe in its diversity to foster unity of all Nigerian.

Nigeria needs people like Atiku Abubakar to cultivate a happy harvest which will bring justice and harmony to our vast communities all over Nigeria. One needs to cast his vote where justice will prevail, Atiku Abubakar is the man.

Malam Aminu Kano once said, “Nigeria is one but everyone knows his father’s house!” How true is this? A man like Atiku Abubakar is for all Nigerians. He is the man for all and he is ready to embrace all segments of humanity.

This piece is dedicated to all Nigerians from all political parties but hoping they will open their very eyes to elect people of integrity across board – Houses of Assembly, governors, House of Representatives, senators, Mr President, etc.

Time is fast advancing since we have few months to the new era which will in sha Allah bring peace and harmony to the unfortunate situation we are going through, especially, the insecurity bedeviling Nigeria since 2009.

We hope that through prayers all such disasters will end soon. “Allah ya kiyaye”! Nigerians should pray to God to bring peace and solace to our dear country. We have no other country but Nigeria; let’s cooperate and chart the right course.

Ibrahim Babajo Sallari,

Kano, Nigeria


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