Atiku understands Nigeria’s economy

Atiku Abubakar

The problems of Nigeria are many, but the biggest problem is that of the economy. Today, Nigerian economy is stagnant, economic policies are not changing the reality about the worse off state of the people. It is clear to us that the economy under former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan looked finer and people were better off than in current government.

Urgently, Nigeria is in dire need of a seriously president who will fix the country.. As I earlier said, economic problems are many and, of course, the policies are ineffective. So, every problem arises due to bad economic policies. And, economic growth is unattainable without productive economic actors. Hence, Nigeria needs a vibrant leader with knowledge of how the economy works as well as how pragmatic policies are being formulated and implemented.

Nevertheless, there is no better candidate that has unmatched qualities so far with the knowledge of how Nigeria’s economy works other than Atiku Abubakar. As an astute businessman in Nigeria and abroad, Atiku’s understanding of Nigeria’s economy defines his competency to lead the country in 2023, a country that regularly falls into recession.

Interestingly, since Atiku started contesting, he never missed to present a blueprint on economy and governance. This is what I admire in him as an economist. His interest to lead Nigeria is meaningful. He is not like Muhammadu Buhari who contested many times and failed without a manifesto. Nigeria would have been better if the incumbent president presented his blueprint on economy and governance, like Atiku used to.

Personally, I will vote for Atiku and attract votes to him as well. I understand his economic plan on Nigeria very well. He is a fan of liberal capitalism with knowledge of its modus operandi. Nigeria wants a courageous, bold and strong candidate like him. I love his perseverance, consistency and confidence towards the socio-economic and political development of Nigeria.

Atiku will make a good president

Khalid Yusuf Tebo,
Sokoto, Sokoto state
[email protected]

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